Saturday, September 13, 2014


Fall is here.    I know it doesn't officially arrive for a week or so, but its fall nonetheless.

The subject of local TV ads has changed from lawnmowers to snow blowers, our furnace has been quietly clicking on, our maples are touched with a bit of color and we're wearing jackets and socks when we take the dogs out.  

We're noticing clouds of noisy geese flying overhead, the starlings are flocking up, the red wing blackbirds are silent, probably gone.  Our beautiful valley sunsets reveal themselves in front of our big barn instead of behind it, I'm feeling the urge to make fragrant stews and roasts, apple and pumpkin desserts, red wine instead of gin and tonic.    

And.....the mice are starting to come in looking for a warm place to winter.    We'll just see about that little miceys......

A bright spot in our otherwise boring holding pattern was a great visit with former business friends stopping by on their way home to Salt Lake City.    I say former business friends because they've really moved past the "business friend" category and we consider them treasured good friends.  We enjoyed a couple good dinners, golf, a great movie and lots of just plain visiting.   Thanks Jack and Marilyn!

Sunday afternoon Don and Carol (we met them when they were parked in front of us in Polson, Montana) are coming down for dinner.    They don't live terribly far from us but are busy enjoying their new motorhome so we're looking forward to seeing them while they're in town.

I haven't seen the cottage's progress for a few days but Dave says they're going to pour the basement floor Monday.

Here are a couple pictures from last week.

Dave and Gerry the builder walk the wall

the ever moving sunset

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back at Turning Stone RV

We're back at the Villages at Turning Stone RV Resort, just a few hours from home.   This is a perfect place to spend the last few hours of our sweet Cape Cod trip.   Today was a beautiful and sunny warm day.   The oppressive humidity of last week is gone and the sky is blue and clear.

I won't post any more pictures of Dave happily eating lobster, you know what that looks like.   Lobster for lunch and/or dinner.....every day.    He's one happy camper.

We did more than eat, but I won't lie,  eating was a big part of our trip.   We found a lovely little bakery in Sandwich (Cape Cod's oldest town, settled in 1639), Beth's, and had......lobster rolls......for lunch and a little something sweet.      We practically cleaned out their dessert case two days in a row.

Cindy and Walter Ponder their purchase

We walked around the beautiful New England town after lunch, doing a bit of window shopping.  One afternoon we visited the Sandwich Glass Museum.    It made interesting use of holographic tour guides in some of the displays, very enjoyable.

We all decided that if we ever find ourselves in Sandwich without our homes on wheels, we'd surely stay at this interesting inn, a beautiful old church repurposed into a very upscale B&B and Bistro.

one of the Belfry Inn's dining rooms

We discovered the Heritage Museum and Gardens too late in the day to do a tour justice, so we put it on our "to do next time" list.

Oh Dave.......

We enjoyed lazy mornings at the campground, then spent the afternoon sightseeing or walking on the beach.   Late afternoon's found us at the Pond's site for cocktail hour and dinner was either at Beluga or a nearby restaurant.   Early to bed completed our lovely and relaxing week.

french kiss at second cup

Nauset Light Beach

Cindy, Luke and Glory

Yipeeeee!   I likes this beach!

that feather moved, that feather moved, its after me, I's telling ya, it moved......

can you rub some sunscreen on my belly please?

rock n roll and donuts for second cup on the road

We leave here tomorrow morning, time to get home and back to work.    Our realtor held an open house while we were gone, wonder how that went......

tonight's beautiful harvest moon 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lobster part 2

Another lovely day at the Cape.....

Dave + pepper + lobster roll = heaven

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On the road again.....

It feels really good.    To be back on the road again, if only for a week, rejuvenates us all.  We sleep better, we're more cheerful and even the dogs have gotten into the spirit of the trip.

We're taking a week's trip to Cape Cod with Cindy P and Walter right behind us.   Tonight we're staying only a few hours from home - the Villages at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, N.Y.

 None of us are gamblers or have any interest in stepping into the Casino but their campground is one of the nicest we've stayed at anywhere.   The sites are far apart with lush grass separating us from our neighbors.    Numerous ponds and lakes dot the grounds and tonight Beluga nestles into the mature trees next to the Pond's SunnyBrook.

Walter checks out their chosen site

Beluga is happy in this lovely, shady spot

she has a nice view too!

Dave consults with Lewis on the next leg of our trip,
 he's been there many times and his advice is invaluable

Cindy waits patiently for her cocktail

Tomorrow we'll finish the drive to Bourne, Massachusetts  and our home until Monday.    We'll walk on the beach and eat Lobster til we can't eat any to join us?

reflection of fall color

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What do I say

I'm sitting here in Beluga, trying to think of what to say about our recent encounter with a real live frontier woman.   A woman with a wanderlust to rival the most devout of us rv'rs.   She travels alone, well not completely alone.    She travels without a human companion or cell phone.   She travels slowly, carefully, taking in every small detail as she passes by.   She pays attention to every thing, her penetrating blue eyes see all.    She meets new people in ways we never will, leans occasionally on their kindness, their curiosity, accepts their hospitality and changes their view of this country, what it is to be a woman, a human being and sometimes even their lives.

She has a ballet dancer's body and posture, an open friendly face with an always ready smile,  and a gaze that looks right into your center.   Her hands are large and competent, her love of life evident in every move she makes.  

Her name is Bernice Ende and she calls herself a Lady Long Rider.   This long trip she will be on the road for 2 l/2 years and will cover 8000 miles before she returns to her cabin in northwest Montana.     Her traveling companions are Essie Pearl, a 13 year old Norwegian Fjord pony and 5 year old Spirit, a Norwegian Fjord Pony/Percheron cross.   Their ample bodies, strong feet and steady temperaments make the trip possible.    She treats them with utmost care, their comfort before hers, always.    

I won't presume to tell her story, please go to her website, if you want to really know who she is and what she does.

She was passing through Geneseo on her way to Rochester to see Susan B. Anthony's home.  Cindy P was outside when Bernice and the girls rode by and couldn't let her pass without offering a bit of shade and perhaps a little pasture rest for the horses.    It turned into a two day visit and we were lucky enough to have happy hour and dinner with them all on Saturday.     Bernice took Cindy's invitation and set up her tent in the back yard next to the girls temporary pasture.    She's one cool lady with so many stories to tell.  

all the comforts of home

Bernice introducing me to Spirit

she covers them with sheets to keep the biting flies away

in the background, Cindy's mini horses wonder where these newcomers came from

Spirit's dorsal stripe (typical marking on Norwegian Fjord ponies).
It runs from between her ears all the way down to the tip of her tail

the girls enjoy a mutual grooming session

Monday morning we went back down to watch her pack up and load the horses for the next part of her journey.    After seeing the Susan B. Anthony House, she'll head east to Seneca Falls and the home of the National Women's Hall of Fame and the Women's Rights National Historic Park.   After that she wants to ride along the Atlantic Ocean and will perhaps winter somewhere in Maine.  Her return trip will take her the entire length of Canada.    She doesn't plan far ahead, she thrives on the unexpected.

a place for everything - everything in its place

Essie Perl has plenty of padding between her and Bernice's saddle

Spirit dons her pack saddle

Bernice gets ready to lift those big saddle bags and secure them to Spirit's pack saddle

a girls got to have a little bling....

Bernice, Essie Pearl and Cindy P - Walter looks on

out the driveway they go

up the hill on Reservoir Road

a last minute adjustment for Spirit

happy trails Bernice.....I hope we'll cross paths again someday

I wonder where they are tonight.....

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Things

Yesterday was a good day.   Our builder broke ground on the lake cottage.  

Dave talks with the builder

Please be careful of my beautiful Copper Beech sir.....

Its a mess over there, I'll miss second cup/cocktail hour beside the water but they'll finish quickly I'm told.   Its just a tiny place.    Stay tuned!

Last night we had dear friends Barb and Bob over for dinner.   It was such a lovely night, warm and clear.   We were able to eat our dinner outside on the farm's patio and then, as the evening cooled, we enjoyed Barb's peach cobbler in front of a roaring fire in the chiminea.   Dave outdid himself and it was a blazing hot fire.    Barb just loved it but we were expecting her toe nail polish to burst into flame at any moment!   

One last good thing happened yesterday.    A really good frustrating health insurance snafu was finally resolved and I am now fully  insured.    Let me tell you, its a frightening thing to find oneself without any insurance, and really frightening to be told (at every turn) there was nothing anyone could do to help me.      Long story short, all my formal complaints to NYS finally convinced the insurer to re-consider and re-instate me retroactively - WHEW!

It was a good day.