Thursday, June 15, 2017


Monday morning was spent at the Geneseo DMV filling out the necessary paper work to get my little car's new license plates and inspection sticker so we could put it back on the road.    After a quick lunch at Tom Wahls (local favorite burger joint) we drove out to Horsepower Motorworks where the car has been in residence for over 2 years.    It started right up and I felt great to be driving it again.   Even the somewhat rough ride from it's lengthy storage related flat spotted tires didn't bother me.   I think I'll call Mr. David's A-1 Mercedes Tire Distribution Center and see if he can take care of the problem.   I know he can.

Our dear old friend Judi (she's been our friend for over 60 years.....) came out on Tuesday and we enjoyed a day of visiting in the shade and having a good dinner out at the Caledonia Village Inn.   We always laugh and have a great time with Judi.   She stayed overnight in our guest suite (Beluga) and left in the morning.

Wednesday Dave took the borrowed trailer to his old company, AIM Co., and picked up skids and wood for the our Lake of Fire's celebratory bonfire and I stayed home and took care of other business.

Today was wet.   Storms bubbled up and blew through one after another all day.  This early morning began cool and clear but strong winds and black skies pushed in hot, muggy and wet air.   Watching the storms rise up in the west, blow over the lake and then exit are fantastic to watch (from inside....).

We enjoyed it from the shelter of the cottage but the Loon couple in our cove and the ever present Merganser mob didn't seem disturbed in the slightest.

Who can resist moonshine on the water, in between storms that is....

Saturday, June 10, 2017

First swim of the year

Cool air.   Can you see the cool air coming out of the registers here at the lake?  I can't see it either but I sure can feel it.   When the cottage was built the air conditioning unit was installed but not completely hooked up because it was below zero outside.     This morning the HVAC guy came and finished the job, just in time for the weather to change from cool and rainy to hot and humid.   Nice.

Nothing too exciting going on other than that.  We had a nice dinner with Tom and Robin at the Rabbit Room on Thursday.  We borrowed brother Mike's trailer and drove to Victor and picked up bales of pine straw to spread behind the house where it is simply too shady for grass to grow.   I love walking on pine straw.  We'll use it later this week to pick up some wood pallets Dave's old partners have saved for us.    They'll be the foundation of Dave's Lake of Fire (our 3rd of July party) bonfire.

John helped build the last one in 2014 

 We've been monkeying with the driveway (ding dong) alarm which is supposed to chime when someone pulls into the driveway.   It does that, but it also chimes when a motorcycle goes by and sometimes chimes for no apparent reason.   Lewis jumps each time it makes noise so we're trying to fine tune the system to avoid unnecessary ding donging.

Evenings bring the waterbird mom's out with their kiddies.   We really enjoy watching them parade by.   These gals run tight ships and their little ones do exactly as they're told.

Mallard Mom and babies

the Merganser mob

Tonight there was a bit of a traffic jam and Mrs. Merganser had to move her brood out of the path of an incoming Canada Goose family.   They're bigger.

Our Welcome Home Robin is also busy feeding her two (maybe three) babies over our entry light fixture.   We're hoping they are all Robins and not baby Huey's from a lazy Cow Bird like we often had at our farm.

they look like Robins....

a baby Huey fledgling from a tiny Wren's nest at the farm

It was quite hot and humid today.   That's not a complaint, just a description of our weather.   We sometimes take a beach umbrella out to the end of the dock to provide a little shade for our delicate flower, Lewis.  Don't laugh, he's black and wears a very heavy curly coat so the blazing sun is not his friend.    At any rate, Dave and I sat on the dock with our feet dangling in the water, cooling off, and a gust of wind blew Lew's shade over our heads in right into the lake.

Dave, being the gentleman he is, downed the last of his happy hour gin and jumped in and swim out to grab the umbrella as the waves began to take it away.

From the sound of his voice as he came to the surface I knew the water was still very cold.    Anything for dear Lew.

He was very appreciative of Dave's efforts but didn't really want to sit under his now soggy umbrella so he trotted off the dock and parked himself in the shady grass near the cottage.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday at the lake

The orchard ladder we bought the other day works just great.   Now we can open those high windows and enjoy the lovely breeze flowing through the cottage.

They haven't been washed since the cottage was built so Dave went up the metal outdoor ladder and took care of that job this afternoon.

I was waiting for Lewis to try and climb up after him.   A friend's Golden Retriever did just that once, he followed Barb right up onto the garage roof.   Let's just say he was obsessively attached to her.

Mr. David's A-1 Superior Portable Riparian Woodworking Shop set up next to the lake today.  He was able to reuse some of the unneeded deck boards to fix a few wonky dock sections.    He was very patient with Lewis, who insisted that it was play time.   The idiot kept dropping his new toy next to Mr. David's saw in the hopes he would get the hint and throw it.    All he got, however, was covered in sawdust.

After dinner tonight I watched a female Merganser lead her 20 babies through the shallow water fishing for their dinner.   Twenty!

Small pleasures.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


We're slipped back into the Boring Couple routine once again.   We're happy, but not much exciting to write about.

Between keeping up with homeowning jobs and visiting with friends, Dave and Lewis do a bit of fishing.

Lew is fascinated by the fish before it goes back into the lake

Last Thursday was Dave's birthday so we celebrated by having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Honeoye Falls, The Rabbit Room.   We were scheduled to share our celebration with friends, but they had a calendar mishap and thought the date was this week.....We'll try again this Thursday (the Rabbit Room is only open on Thursday evenings).

the falls at Honeoye Falls

This week we have a raft of Dr. and Dentist appointments to take care of....not much fun there.

Last week we took a little excursion up to a small town near the big lake (Lake Ontario).   We were looking for a Baldwin apple ladder, a hand made wooden orchard ladder, wider at the bottom than at the top.  We heard that Williamson Building Supply carried lots of orchard supplies (it is in the middle of a huge fruit producing area) so that is where we decided to start our search.   Our little cottage has five clerestory windows designed to capture the evening's west wind and give them to us on those hot summer nights.  However, we can't reach them from the floor, so this ladder will be a piece of furniture with a purpose.....

Dave selecting our new Aspen and Ash ladder

Happily, they had a good supply, having just received a trailer load driven over from the Maine workshop by Mr. Baldwin himself.    We selected a 10 foot one and loaded it into the Jeep.  It was a nice day so we didn't mind driving with the rear window open to accommodate it.

it fits!

Since we were in the area we stopped at an old favorite burger joint, Orbachers.

Lewis was born only a few miles from there and, when he was still just a baby, Cindy P and I took him there for lunch at one of their outdoor picnic tables.

After lunch we crossed over the Irondequoit Bay Bridge and braved Rochester's rush hour traffic to visit friends Cindy and Norm.

Irondequoit Bay in the foreground, Lake Ontario in the background
There is a moveable bridge to allow boats access to the lake.

ah......rush hour in a small city!

The rain has lessened some and the results are showing in the bumper crop of phlox and other wildflowers.   We are surrounded by Black Locust trees and their profuse blossoms perfume the air.    Even the Tulip Poplar at the end of the driveway is blooming.

Black Locust blossoms up close
I wish you could smell them....

Tulip tree blossom

I spoke too soon, the rain has was very wet.    The intrepid fishermen still get out on the lake however.    They ride around all closed up with just their poles sticking out......wimps.

It was also quite chilly this morning.   Dave is a heat seeking being so when I got up this morning, this is where I found him....

sitting in front of the heat vent....Oh Dave

We spent the day downstairs washing, drying and mowing the wooly yak that was Lewis.  He's so patient.

Lew's own personal bathtub

5:30 a.m.

This was the beautiful sunrise outside our bedroom window this morning.  I see very few sunrises, this one only because my window was open and the shade up.
I turned over, saw the stunning color over the lake,  snapped the picture with my phone and went right back to sleep until a more decent hour.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spring weather

Another week has gone by, it's almost June!   I don't know where the time goes.   We've continued to get the cottage settled and to our liking and enjoyed a bit of socializing in between.

Last Friday we had a genuine, Western New York fish fry in Honeoye Falls (honey-oy) with niece Lisa and her husband Chris.   I took no pictures, we were busy getting caught up and enjoying the fish fry and pints of Smithwicks at Flaherty's.   There will be other times.    Actually, I do have a picture of Lisa taken at Jesse and Erin's pre wedding party in 2015.   It's a favorite one, she's standing back to back with dear friend Tom Bell enjoying their extreme height difference (we'll share Dave's birthday dinner with Tom and Robin this Thursday at one our favorite restaurants, the Rabbit Room).

little lisa and tall tom

Saturday our old friend Barb came down for lunch.   It's great seeing friends that we haven't laid eyes on since Jesse's wedding in Colorado.

While Barb and Lewis were posing for their picture, Dave was behind them, sneaking the left over crispy bits in the baking dish.....shhhh, don't tell that I saw him.

The weather has been exciting since we arrived.   Every day we have a bit of sun then a big thunder storm will roll across us, dumping lots of heavy rain, incredible cloud formations, rainbows, and then it moves east and the sun peaks out again.    This pattern repeats itself, over and over - day after day.

the lake dances in the rain

one cell pulling away from us to the east

socked in

we were treated to four rainbows throughout the day.

We're all a bit tired of the rain part though.    All of us except perhaps the ducks.

One handsome Redhead hangs around our dock

Well, and Lewis.   He doesn't mind the rain much.   He's discovered that he can not only drink from the giant water bowl outside the cottage, but he can swim in it too!    Not a stick or leaf gets past him now.

He doesn't mind diving into the wet day lilies to search for his ball either.   Its all in a day's work for him.

In between swimming and playing ball he manages to help Dave with most of his jobs.

Lew dozes while Dave does some serious mental calculations
about the driveway-deck interface

He makes sure to pace himself and easily falls asleep whenever the mood strikes.


Then poor Dave has to work alone.  I try to help but I'm a poor substitute for Lewis.

setting up the chiminea

So, that's about it for this last week of May.