Thursday, May 28, 2015

Journey's end

Today was the end of her journey.    Pat S.,  my dear friend of almost 40 years, died this afternoon.     It was time for her to go and I'm glad she is finally at peace.    She lived a long and happy life and passed away with her family around her.

I'm not mourning her death, I'm mourning the loss of her friendship, of her council and her wonderful laugh and sense of mischief.  We had many adventures together.

  She was an example to all who knew her.    An example of how to live and how to love and how to be a friend..

She lives on in her wonderful daughter, Cindy P.....a special friend.   A gift from her to me I think.

Pat S and newborn Lewis in 2009

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Don't ask about the weather Saturday and Sunday and I won't tell you.

When we're on the road we try to keep our holiday celebrations very low key.   On holiday weekends, campgrounds are usually full of working people trying to enjoy their hard earned time off and we like to stay out of their way.    Everyday is a holiday to us now!

Sunday Erin made a delish dinner for us and we had a good visit with them while watching a full day of auto racing on tv.    Doesn't sound exciting, but it was a very enjoyable day....small pleasures.

Today the sun chose to shine and the temps warmed up to a very pleasant 65 for a short time.    We were able to enjoy second cup outside and that always lifts our spirits and makes all of us happy.   Before having an early dinner with our friends MonaLiza and Steve of, we had to return a Redbox rental.  Steve has been in the park for a bit, taking care of some normal maintenance on their motorhome and MonaLiza has just returned from the Philippines (I think she endured 36 hours of travel time).    She was visiting her family on the happy occasion of her mother's 97th birthday.

 On our way back to Beluga we turned into a beautiful cemetery that was lined with large American flags.

It was still and green, the only sounds were the snapping flags and birdsong.  We found ourselves driving slowly around, looking at the headstones and flowers and pictures carved in stone or taped on granite and reflecting on other times and other cemeteries.

Our early dinner with the Lowes' seemed to fly by.    We haven't seen them since last year in Florida so while we ate a good and filling meal at Wrigley's next door, we talked and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Our clear (ish) skies darkened in the early evening and we watched  dark stormy skies stream over our heads.   Lightning, wind and a little rain....rainbows and wild clouds, it was quite the show.   We don't have the wide open views that Lisa, of, has down in Chatfield State Park.   She posted a fantastic picture of those very clouds on Facebook tonight.   Every time I tried to run out for a shot of the skies, they opened and I guess I'm just not devoted enough to stand in the rain....

Friday, May 22, 2015


Our son found us some sun today.     What a wonderful son he is!    Our spirits have been lifted, we now have hope that our old friend the sun is indeed still in the sky, above those heavy, gray clouds.

The three of us had a large lunch at T/aco in Boulder this afternoon.   The restaurant's name is pronounced "Tea Aco", and all they serve are tacos (and margaritas, I only had a tiny little one),  But what tacos they serve!   We had more than our share today because the kitchen made a mistake on our order, bringing out some of the varieties we ordered, and a number that we didn't.    When we explained the problem to the host, he quickly brought out the missing items and told us to enjoy the un-ordered tacos on the house.    So.....we all had more than we should have eaten.   More than we "should" have eaten.....but not more than we could eat.   burp

After lunch we walked around a bit, checking out other venues for The Wedding stuff and, since it was still a bit drizzly, Jesse suggested we take an auto hike up into the mountains.    Since he was driving and it was warm and dry in his car, we readily agreed.

We drove north through Lyons, and took Lee Hill Road toward Ward.    I can't remember the trail head we stopped at to take these pictures, but I know it was a
little over 10,000 feet and it was brilliantly sunny.   The snow on the peaks looks a bit fuzzy, but it was the result of strong winds blowing the snow around.

I was in the back seat, without gazetteer or camera, so I'm not really sure the route we took or what we were seeing.   Jesse told us, I'm sure he did, but I was really busy just looking at the awesome scenery and trying to figure out how to use his phone to take these pictures for you.    He is in possession of a rather unflattering video I mistakenly took of me trying to get the phone to move from video mode to camera mode.    I may or may not have uttered a few unladylike words in the process.

near the Moffitt Tunnel 

We all were very cheerful, almost giddy.    After being cooped up for many days, hostage to the rain and other necessary duties, it was glorious to be out in the sun under blue sky going where the mood took us.      Dave sat in the front seat fairly beaming in the warm sun and crisp, warmish air!

Boulder Creek
We passed some really interesting gate posts at the entrance to a ranch road.  Wouldn't they look great at the end of the cottage's driveway?

All good things must come to an end, I'm afraid.   As we made our way down the mountain, heading home, we drove through the clouds.    Once under them it was back to cold, grey rain.  

pay no attention to that cracked windshield,
this is Colorado after all!

Ah well.   After such a lovely day our batteries are recharged and we look forward to more sunny days and more happy times with our only child and his beautiful bride to be.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday with Mr. David's A-1 Service Group

No pictures today.

  Last night Dave and I, along with Jesse and Erin,  drove up to Lyons for an open house at Riverbend (The Wedding venue).   I didn't even bother to take my camera along because....wait for was pouring.     It was neat to see the tent up, the lights strung, the bride's dressing area all set up, etc. and imagine what it will look like on a nice sunny fall day.    Afterwards we had great burgers and beer at the Lyons Fork restaurant and then drove back home.

Today, while I was doing laundry in house, our sewer hose sprung a leak so I had to quickly call Mr. David's RV Maintenance and Repair, LLC.    As always, he was happy to send over his best worker with a new hose and the problem was solved.      Later in the day Mr. David's Mobile Poodle Grooming Service came and did a bang up job on Lewis.    Once he was finished, Mr. David's Housecleaning Crew (a division of Mr. David's Mobile Poodle Grooming Service) set to work vacuuming up all the soft black hair that carpets the carpet after the Grooming is finished.    Of course, the job couldn't be done outside, thus avoiding the need for the Housecleaning Crew, was raining.

No pictures today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


These pictures are from last week (I think) when we took a short auto hike west on route 6 into clear creek canyon towards the little town of Idaho Springs.   It was hardly raining at all that day!

The days have been relatively uneventful.    Wedding talk over Papa Murphy's pizza on Saturday, lazy Sunday and lunch in Boulder on Monday as we started to check out venues for the night before The Wedding.     Today we filled up our propane tank (we've used the furnace a lot since we arrived), then moved to our new site.    Since we came into Dakota Ridge RV without reservations, Ann (the wonderful office volunteer) has worked very hard to get us a place for the entire season without having to change sites every week.    We'll have this pull thru site until the end of July and then move back to our original back in site for all of August and the remaining September.    Thanks Ann!

Needless to say, we unhooked, filled our propane tank, moved "up the hill", and re-hooked in our new site in the pelting rain.

Now we're settled down in front of the TV to watch the Dancing with The Stars Finale!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015


blue and green

SUNday.    We started the day off under a brilliant blue sky.    We all enjoyed second cup outside, it was glorious.

Later in the day, things began to we've come to expect here.    Clouds rolled in and the sky became angry.

By dinner time it was raining heavily.    Just in time for Dave to set up the grill and cook our Firecracker Salmon.     Poor Dave.    Did I mention it was raining and cold?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Fish Fry

This morning we met Erin to see a "mock up" (at least I think that is the correct term) of the wedding table, chairs, place settings and flowers.    Its gonna be lovely!

This evening we picked Jesse up at DIA (the airport) and then met Erin (after her work day) in downtown Denver for a casual dinner at The Kitchen Next Door, a close relative to the original Kitchen in Boulder and Denver.    It is in the recently renovated and energized Union Station, the atmosphere is lively and the food is just wonderful.   Since it was Friday night I had a fish fry (fish and chips here) and Dave had a lobster roll, that's fish isn't it?

  On our way to the airport we ran through some tremendous storms, filled with hail.    The building and quickly changing clouds were just fantastic to watch while we waited in the cell phone lot.    I didn't take any pictures.  

Here are a few I took on Monday afternoon at Riverbend in Lyons.  This is where The Wedding will take place in September.   They are just beginning to set up for the season's weddings and were very behind due to the recent heavy rains and flooding.   Betsy and Mike (the owner's) graciously allowed us to wander the grounds and get a feel for the place.     I think the blue sky that afternoon was a good omen, don't you?

setting up the big white tent

Dave inspects the lawn where the ceremony will be

a colony of tiny houses on the property

the river races past