Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Work and play at the lake

what are you looking at......

How did he get such a muddy nose you ask?   He helped Dave sort through piles of flagstones left from our old cottage.   Then he helped him begin to lay a path from the deck to the dock with the selected stones.    It's dirty work.

He took a few minutes from his work day for a little play.   He feels it's important to keep things in balance.

in his spare time, Lew practices making "grass angels"
(his summer version of "snow angels")

I found some sweet little portulaca plants at the local garden store.  I couldn't resist their name.....Mohave I bought a few for the deck and planted them while the boys were taking a little time to fish.

Lew loves to fish

As I understand it, Dave caught the big one (a large mouth bass) and it broke his pole.   Lewis couldn't believe his eyes.    It got away, I never saw it.

To soothe the fisherman's ego we had a pleasant happy hour on the dock with a "cottage drink".   Our resident Canada Goose family steamed by as we were enjoying our gins.    Their current baby count is 15.    Bass and turtles will, no doubt, lower that number as the days go on.

A group of about 8 or 9 Cormorants flew over, landed in the water nearby and began to fish for their dinners.

It was another good day at the lake

Monday, May 22, 2017

We've been here a week already!

We've been here a week and got lots done in that time.   A few more jobs to be taken care of but we finally feel at home.    There are no pictures of me planting pots and crocks, or doing laundry or locating lost items in the basement, or making lists or cooking in a big kitchen!

cutting the old sewer line

two butts are better than one

Dave cut and moved Beluga's sewer line so that she can be more comfortably situated for her summer role of our second bedroom suite.

Lewis checks the fence line along the road

We had a new (to us) crew of burly lads put our docks into the freezing water on Sunday.   We liked the old ones better.......

Dave keeps them on track

Dave sports a water line!

We bought our Jeep in Utah last year and it came with lovely tinted windows. We really appreciated them when we were autohiking in the hot desert washes.   When the Jeep entered New York State it had to be inspected so Dave took it to our local Jeep dealer for what we thought would be a quick appointment.    It didn't pass.    Evidently it's illegal to have tinted windows in New York State.

 Another job for Mr. David's A-1 Automotive Solutions.    They sent one of their most competent and pleasant technicians over to strip the tinting from the front side windows.   We have an appointment Saturday for another inspection.  Until then we are illegal.    Gotta love New York.

 tint removal is almost done

It's not all work.   The boys are finding a few minutes to relax here and there.

trying out a couple new dock sections

always time for a quick rest in the vinca

At the end of the day we're all quite tired but dear Lewis doesn't bother to hide it.  Dogs are very honest.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

a few more

Here are a few more pictures from our first hours at the lake.

Robin's nest over our entry light.....Welcome Home!

shhhh, he's sleeping.  
Don't tell him he has Copper Beech blossoms in his hair, it embarrasses him

a hefty thunderstorm pulls away over the lake

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

At the Lake

Our last night on the road (til the end of the summer) was spent in old friend Judi's driveway.   She's earned the label of "old friend" by virtue of the time we've known each other.    We've been good friends since I was 7 years old, and that is a very long time indeed.

we just fit!

Little Eedie doesn't care for the camera

We both looked forward to seeing her again to be sure, and staying overnight had the additional reward of sharing our benchmark pizza with her.    Bocce's pizza is just around the corner from her and we've all been eating it since we were around 16 years old.

Oh and in the morning she raced out to Buffalo's famous Paula's donuts to get Dave one of his favorites.....fresh!

Peanut Stick!

And, of course, there were plenty of toys and especially balls, for sweet Lewis.

We said our goodbyes on Mother's Day and turned toward home.   It rained all the way.

rainy Geneseo Main Street

We've been here for about 3 days now and are finally getting our arms around the cottage.   We lived in this little place for just 6 weeks before heading west and we've been gone 2 years.   We have not spent the summer here yet and there are lots of details to finish up.   Cleaning the overflowing gutters, lawn mowing (the fabulous Fred took care of that job while we were gone), finding someone to put our docks in the water, getting the air conditioning hooked up, reorganizing and reshaping the deck, springing my little car from storage, etc., etc. so we're plenty tired at the end of the day.    Lewis is a big help.   He goes everywhere Dave does and offers what help he can.

Having Beluga right outside makes it easier to unload!
Cleaning of the gutters

Second cup in the sun

Lew loves his giant water bowl

a little after dinner fishing

Some lovely springtime treats were waiting for us when we backed into the driveway.   Some years ago Jesse gave Dave three lilac bushes for a birthday gift.  They were happily blooming for our return.

The birds are happy to have us back.   Baltimore Orioles are everywhere in the newly budded trees.   Lots of warblers and waterbirds, Merganzers, Loons, ducks of all kinds.

doing a little underwater reconnaissance 

Lewis pines if Dave goes outside without him.....

Monday, May 15, 2017


It's odd.    It's odd to have no one ask us how we can live in such a big city when they walk past Beluga and notice our NY plates (most people assume that because our license plates say New York we live in New York City).

  It's odd that no one stops to ask what we're doing such a long way from home.

  It's odd that everyone's license plate looks just like ours.

  It's odd to turn on the local television news and recognize the newscasters.

 It's odd to know what channel ABC, NBC and CBS are on without having to look them up.

 It's odd to talk about street names instead of route numbers (Sheridan Drive instead of  rt. 324 - Niagara Falls Blvd. instead of rt. 62, etc.)

It's odd to call the interstate highway, "the Thruway" instead of I-90.   It's odd to pay a steep toll to drive on it.

 It's odd to be back, pleasant, but odd.

Lewis doesn't think its odd, he loves the freedom he has here.   He loves the huge "water bowl" outside, he loves that he can pee wherever and whenever he wants, not just when we tell him to "get busy", he loves to hustle around and help Dave  He went to bed early tonight, he's exhausted!

Our internet connection is slow right now, I'll show pictures soon.

Friday, May 12, 2017

New York State

We crossed into our home state, New York, this afternoon.   Tonight we're at the Westfield KOA on Lake Erie.   Its a very busy place and not one we'd ordinarily choose but the location is right.    Tomorrow we'll drive a little more than an hour to our last stop in my oldest friend's driveway.    She's not my oldest friend, but she's my oldest friend, understand?     We'll be in our own driveway on Sunday afternoon.

We're just down the street from the Barcelona Light, also known as the Portland Harbor Light) and in the middle of acres of Welch's Grape Juice Concord grape vineyards.   Big business in this part of the state.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Moving on

Tonight I write from a campground just north of Columbus, Ohio.    We're moving along toward home, we'll be at our lake on Sunday.

We really enjoyed the week with our former neighbors, our good friends in their new Kentucky home.

end detail on the stone wall lining the driveway

an equine themed house for the birds in the woods....
We shared happy hour and dinner every day, sometimes in the house and sometimes on their lovely screened in porch.   Cindy made yummy banana muffins for second cup a few days.    Dave and Walter did a bit of work together, the five of us did a bit of exploring the area in general and their farm in particular, we socialized with their friends at various places and were able to spend good, quality time together.

Tristan and Hoopla were curious....

until Hoopla became bored and went to sleep

we walked the newly cleared driving trails through the woods 

a nasty looking Cockspur Hawthorn tree along the trail

nosy neighbor #29

Walter, Dave and Lewis work on a tree damaged portion of the driveway wall

Lewis takes his supervisory role seriously

another springtime baby

One day we drove into the small town of Sanford, KY. for lunch at the delightful Bluebird Cafe, a bustling farm to table spot.

Cindy enjoys the last half of her ridiculously good burger

And one day we drove into Lexington for a tour of Old Kentucky Chocolates.  Oh   My   Goodness.

 Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.......Kentucky Moonshine Truffles.....Bourbon Cherry Truffles, Chocolate Covered Grapes....Chocolate Covered Soft Caramels with Fleur de Sel, Chocolate Covered every kind of nut known to man......Mint Julip Truffles......drool, burp.

the huge showroom

samples, so many samples

Our time with the Pond's went by too fast.   Until next time then, Thanks you three, we had a really wonderful time!