Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Work and play at the lake

what are you looking at......

How did he get such a muddy nose you ask?   He helped Dave sort through piles of flagstones left from our old cottage.   Then he helped him begin to lay a path from the deck to the dock with the selected stones.    It's dirty work.

He took a few minutes from his work day for a little play.   He feels it's important to keep things in balance.

in his spare time, Lew practices making "grass angels"
(his summer version of "snow angels")

I found some sweet little portulaca plants at the local garden store.  I couldn't resist their name.....Mohave I bought a few for the deck and planted them while the boys were taking a little time to fish.

Lew loves to fish

As I understand it, Dave caught the big one (a large mouth bass) and it broke his pole.   Lewis couldn't believe his eyes.    It got away, I never saw it.

To soothe the fisherman's ego we had a pleasant happy hour on the dock with a "cottage drink".   Our resident Canada Goose family steamed by as we were enjoying our gins.    Their current baby count is 15.    Bass and turtles will, no doubt, lower that number as the days go on.

A group of about 8 or 9 Cormorants flew over, landed in the water nearby and began to fish for their dinners.

It was another good day at the lake


  1. All looks great! What a perfect way to end a busy day. Lew is awesome!

  2. I love your giant tea cup planters!! So cute:) The end of the dock looks so relaxing. A perfect place for HH!! Love the dirt on the tired puppy's nose:) He had a very busy day with building a stone walk way and fishing for dinner. Glad he had a little roll in grass:) Sorry about Dave's fishing pole!

  3. Even the goslings can't out-cute the poodle! What a sweet, sweet boy. I agree that dock looks perfect for lots of HH time. I'm thinking you're enjoying a bit of domestic puttering :-)

  4. Looks like there are no bad days at the lake!

  5. Another lovely day at the lake. Looks like you're settling in nicely for the summer. All three of you seem to have a wonderful balance of work and play in this beautiful life.

  6. Such an enjoyable study of Lewis in this post! One of your best blogs!