Monday, May 15, 2017


It's odd.    It's odd to have no one ask us how we can live in such a big city when they walk past Beluga and notice our NY plates (most people assume that because our license plates say New York we live in New York City).

  It's odd that no one stops to ask what we're doing such a long way from home.

  It's odd that everyone's license plate looks just like ours.

  It's odd to turn on the local television news and recognize the newscasters.

 It's odd to know what channel ABC, NBC and CBS are on without having to look them up.

 It's odd to talk about street names instead of route numbers (Sheridan Drive instead of  rt. 324 - Niagara Falls Blvd. instead of rt. 62, etc.)

It's odd to call the interstate highway, "the Thruway" instead of I-90.   It's odd to pay a steep toll to drive on it.

 It's odd to be back, pleasant, but odd.

Lewis doesn't think its odd, he loves the freedom he has here.   He loves the huge "water bowl" outside, he loves that he can pee wherever and whenever he wants, not just when we tell him to "get busy", he loves to hustle around and help Dave  He went to bed early tonight, he's exhausted!

Our internet connection is slow right now, I'll show pictures soon.


  1. Oh yes the oddities of being in our home state! We were laughing about the license plates yesterday :-) We've just gotten used to saying "the" in front of all the highway numbers again, as we take "the 5" north out of California tomorrow :-))))

  2. We always feel that way when we get back to York. I find it strange to see all the PA license plate since we usual are looking to find them when on the road. And to know all the newscaster and the location of the places they discuss is definitely weird! I can just picture Lew running around. I bet he made a million trips up and down those steps...freedom!!! Can't wait for photos!! Enjoy your time on your beautiful lake. It is very special:)

  3. There are so many things about coming "home" that feel odd and comfortable at the same time. Enjoy. :-))

  4. It does feel odd to know what state you are in now...and to know that it will be the same state for a few months even!

  5. But how nice to be in a private space instead of surrounded by lots of strangers...and in such beauty!