Wednesday, May 17, 2017

At the Lake

Our last night on the road (til the end of the summer) was spent in old friend Judi's driveway.   She's earned the label of "old friend" by virtue of the time we've known each other.    We've been good friends since I was 7 years old, and that is a very long time indeed.

we just fit!

Little Eedie doesn't care for the camera

We both looked forward to seeing her again to be sure, and staying overnight had the additional reward of sharing our benchmark pizza with her.    Bocce's pizza is just around the corner from her and we've all been eating it since we were around 16 years old.

Oh and in the morning she raced out to Buffalo's famous Paula's donuts to get Dave one of his favorites.....fresh!

Peanut Stick!

And, of course, there were plenty of toys and especially balls, for sweet Lewis.

We said our goodbyes on Mother's Day and turned toward home.   It rained all the way.

rainy Geneseo Main Street

We've been here for about 3 days now and are finally getting our arms around the cottage.   We lived in this little place for just 6 weeks before heading west and we've been gone 2 years.   We have not spent the summer here yet and there are lots of details to finish up.   Cleaning the overflowing gutters, lawn mowing (the fabulous Fred took care of that job while we were gone), finding someone to put our docks in the water, getting the air conditioning hooked up, reorganizing and reshaping the deck, springing my little car from storage, etc., etc. so we're plenty tired at the end of the day.    Lewis is a big help.   He goes everywhere Dave does and offers what help he can.

Having Beluga right outside makes it easier to unload!
Cleaning of the gutters

Second cup in the sun

Lew loves his giant water bowl

a little after dinner fishing

Some lovely springtime treats were waiting for us when we backed into the driveway.   Some years ago Jesse gave Dave three lilac bushes for a birthday gift.  They were happily blooming for our return.

The birds are happy to have us back.   Baltimore Orioles are everywhere in the newly budded trees.   Lots of warblers and waterbirds, Merganzers, Loons, ducks of all kinds.

doing a little underwater reconnaissance 

Lewis pines if Dave goes outside without him.....


  1. That doughnut looks beyond delicious!! Your lake cottage is so wonderful. Second cup on the deck feels perfect. That lilac bush - wow!!!! Lewis is going to have a marvelous summer :-)

  2. This is going to be a great summer on the lake. Now, if you could just move the lake and cottage a little closer to the west:) How sweet that the lilac bushes were blooming!! I love that purple one with the white edges. I've never seen one like that before. The cottage will smell heavenly for awhile:) Lots of Lewis photos!!! Thanks!! Love, love and miss that big furry guy.

  3. Lovely to see you settling in and opening that darling cottage! Kudos to Judi on the donut. Enjoy all the Second Cups that await you.

  4. What a nice way to spend the summer! Lewis is going to have such fun and I'm sure watching the birds during second cup will be wonderful! The lilacs are gorgeous!

  5. Such a lovely spot to spend the summer!

  6. Oh, what a lovely spot to spend the summer! Those variegated lilacs are my favorite. :-)) Lewis looks like he's having a blast! Busy bee.