Saturday, May 6, 2017

Burgin, Kentucky with friends

We arrived in Burgin, Kentucky, a little south and west of Lexington, on Thursday afternoon.    As we approached our destination, the road (lane?) got narrower and narrower.

Cindy P's "street"

It was raining, windy, grey, and utterly ugly but we had a wonderful and warm welcome by our dear friends Cindy P, Walter and their daughter Geneva.   They have a sweet little home nestled on wooded acreage bordered by one of Lexington's famous stone walls.

nosy neighbor

They've provided us with a full hookup spot right next to their garage, Beluga likes it here.

Lewis likes it here too.   Two of his favorite people live here and he hasn't seen them in a long time.    He's known them since he was a little baby and Geneva used to be his babysitter.

They have two Miniature Horses and one Dartmoor Pony here.   Tinker, Hoopla and Tristan.   I don't have a picture of Hoopla because he was in "time out" for chasing Tristan around......

sleepy Tristan,
Cindy's driving horse

Tinker, Walter's driving pony
unable to control her lower lip

I must tell you that these pictures don't really show how good looking Tinker and Tristan really are.   They both were still quite out of it as a result of a calming draught administered by the vet in order to have their teeth floated and annual shots given.   No one ever really likes the dentist.....

 Lewis is very interested in them.   He thinks they smell, well.....different.   And their house smells different and it has different things in it.

It has a big hill of dry grass piled in the corner, he thinks it's fun to climb up on it.  I told him it was called hay and that Cindy P feeds it to the horses.   He still thinks its fun to climb on.

King of the mountain

He tries to help them with the farm chores, but really just wants to play with them and get pets.    They're patient with him.

guys, guys, where we going with that wheelbarrow, guys, guys

 We've been enjoying second cup and happy hour with Cindy and Geneva.   Walter is still working so we have to wait until he comes home for dinner to see him.

Cindy and Simon
Their three little dogs are much too small to play with Lewis so he stays in Beluga while we visit with Glory and the brothers Luke and Simon in the house.

trying to make me pick her up

(don't mention his hair, it hurts his feelings)


Today all of us (sans dogs) went to one of their friend's homes for a Derby Party. The Kentucky Derby is a very big thing here and the 10 of us ate and drank and watched the horses run.   There may or may not have been a small, friendly bet placed.   Walter may or may not have won it.

As usual, I took no pictures of people, only of our host's barn and horses.   You know me by now.

this is Brownie (I think)
One of her two Hackney driving horses

We have more pleasant things planned for the rest of our time here so stay tuned.


  1. What fun to be together again and have lots of time catching up. That rock fence is gorgeous!! Lew looks like he is enjoying all the space and freedom. He is going to LOVE being at the lake when you return! I believe Lew is as big as one Cindy and Walter's little ponies. Nice to see Cindy's dogs. Simon's ears are almost as big as he adorable:) Enjoy your visit!

  2. What does it mean to float the horses' teeth?

  3. Glad you made it safely down the lane :-)) The place looks beautiful with all the leaves on the trees. Poor Hoopla :-(. Lewis has to be in heaven with his buddies to show him around their new digs - what fun!! Being there for the Derby is great timing.

  4. What a totally awesome time! The barn is gorgeous! And so are the horses. Luke and our Jack look a lot alike...even the hair! I so agree...Lew is the king of the mountain. I love rock walls...that one is a beauty!

  5. What a beautiful place to be! And a wonderful time with good friends. Lewis is such a hoot—king of the hay bale mountain. He looks about the same size as the miniature horses. The little dogs are so cute, too—haha, the hair!!! And the ears!!

  6. Love the chandeliers in the barn and of course Lewis on the hay. Looks like a lovely spot to park for a spell. I bet someone is getting her horse fix!

  7. Its been over a year since we met Cindy, Walter and Geneva! Pls extend my thanks to Walter for his comments in our blog. They have a beautiful farm, completed with horses and dogs!
    Perhaps Kentucky could be on your list of places to retire Beluga.