Monday, May 22, 2017

We've been here a week already!

We've been here a week and got lots done in that time.   A few more jobs to be taken care of but we finally feel at home.    There are no pictures of me planting pots and crocks, or doing laundry or locating lost items in the basement, or making lists or cooking in a big kitchen!

cutting the old sewer line

two butts are better than one

Dave cut and moved Beluga's sewer line so that she can be more comfortably situated for her summer role of our second bedroom suite.

Lewis checks the fence line along the road

We had a new (to us) crew of burly lads put our docks into the freezing water on Sunday.   We liked the old ones better.......

Dave keeps them on track

Dave sports a water line!

We bought our Jeep in Utah last year and it came with lovely tinted windows. We really appreciated them when we were autohiking in the hot desert washes.   When the Jeep entered New York State it had to be inspected so Dave took it to our local Jeep dealer for what we thought would be a quick appointment.    It didn't pass.    Evidently it's illegal to have tinted windows in New York State.

 Another job for Mr. David's A-1 Automotive Solutions.    They sent one of their most competent and pleasant technicians over to strip the tinting from the front side windows.   We have an appointment Saturday for another inspection.  Until then we are illegal.    Gotta love New York.

 tint removal is almost done

It's not all work.   The boys are finding a few minutes to relax here and there.

trying out a couple new dock sections

always time for a quick rest in the vinca

At the end of the day we're all quite tired but dear Lewis doesn't bother to hide it.  Dogs are very honest.


  1. That is one tired Couch Poodle! Have fun, guys!

  2. I recognize that sewer hole!!! Good to see Beluga all settled:) Lewis is certainly not letting his main man out of his site. The boys are so darn cute working together:) Love them resting on the docking:) Dave needs to take photos of the other half working!! Enjoy your new docking. Sitting at the end will be so nice on those summer evenings.

  3. What an idyllic place you have! Lewis is adorable and Dave is so industrious! I know you are doing your part too...even if there is no photographic evidence!

  4. Busy, busy, busy ! Love that butt pic of your working men :) So does that mean you will re-tint Rocky when you come back out west?

  5. Love how the guys stick together and get things done...two butts are better that one! Your patio is gorgeous...summer evenings will be perfect! Too bad about the window tinting...

  6. Haha, two butts! :-)) Lewis is SUCH a hard worker! You guys have gotten a lot accomplished -- and I trust that you're taking time to relax, too. (At least it looks like Lew is.)

  7. Taking the pics is work too! Love seeing the little place all come together for the summer. Dave and Lew are quite the pair :-)))) The honest resting dog is too precious!