Thursday, May 11, 2017

Moving on

Tonight I write from a campground just north of Columbus, Ohio.    We're moving along toward home, we'll be at our lake on Sunday.

We really enjoyed the week with our former neighbors, our good friends in their new Kentucky home.

end detail on the stone wall lining the driveway

an equine themed house for the birds in the woods....
We shared happy hour and dinner every day, sometimes in the house and sometimes on their lovely screened in porch.   Cindy made yummy banana muffins for second cup a few days.    Dave and Walter did a bit of work together, the five of us did a bit of exploring the area in general and their farm in particular, we socialized with their friends at various places and were able to spend good, quality time together.

Tristan and Hoopla were curious....

until Hoopla became bored and went to sleep

we walked the newly cleared driving trails through the woods 

a nasty looking Cockspur Hawthorn tree along the trail

nosy neighbor #29

Walter, Dave and Lewis work on a tree damaged portion of the driveway wall

Lewis takes his supervisory role seriously

another springtime baby

One day we drove into the small town of Sanford, KY. for lunch at the delightful Bluebird Cafe, a bustling farm to table spot.

Cindy enjoys the last half of her ridiculously good burger

And one day we drove into Lexington for a tour of Old Kentucky Chocolates.  Oh   My   Goodness.

 Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.......Kentucky Moonshine Truffles.....Bourbon Cherry Truffles, Chocolate Covered Grapes....Chocolate Covered Soft Caramels with Fleur de Sel, Chocolate Covered every kind of nut known to man......Mint Julip Truffles......drool, burp.

the huge showroom

samples, so many samples

Our time with the Pond's went by too fast.   Until next time then, Thanks you three, we had a really wonderful time!


  1. We sure did enjoy your visit and will hope to see you back again this way as your travels allow. There is nothing as treasured as dear friends ... Cindy P

  2. What a wonderful visit with dear friends! Tristan and Hoopla are so cute.

  3. I love that stone wall! Having the top rocks standing up makes the wall so interesting. Lewis is really keeping those guys working. I love the intensity in his darn cute:) I really need to visit this chocolate place. Oh, my, goodness is right!! What a great week with good friends:)

  4. Looks and sounds like a wonderful visit! That wall is looking great, how fun to be a part of restoring that beautiful history. That Hawthorne looks so nasty!! Oh the chocolate......