Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spring weather

Another week has gone by, it's almost June!   I don't know where the time goes.   We've continued to get the cottage settled and to our liking and enjoyed a bit of socializing in between.

Last Friday we had a genuine, Western New York fish fry in Honeoye Falls (honey-oy) with niece Lisa and her husband Chris.   I took no pictures, we were busy getting caught up and enjoying the fish fry and pints of Smithwicks at Flaherty's.   There will be other times.    Actually, I do have a picture of Lisa taken at Jesse and Erin's pre wedding party in 2015.   It's a favorite one, she's standing back to back with dear friend Tom Bell enjoying their extreme height difference (we'll share Dave's birthday dinner with Tom and Robin this Thursday at one our favorite restaurants, the Rabbit Room).

little lisa and tall tom

Saturday our old friend Barb came down for lunch.   It's great seeing friends that we haven't laid eyes on since Jesse's wedding in Colorado.

While Barb and Lewis were posing for their picture, Dave was behind them, sneaking the left over crispy bits in the baking dish.....shhhh, don't tell that I saw him.

The weather has been exciting since we arrived.   Every day we have a bit of sun then a big thunder storm will roll across us, dumping lots of heavy rain, incredible cloud formations, rainbows, and then it moves east and the sun peaks out again.    This pattern repeats itself, over and over - day after day.

the lake dances in the rain

one cell pulling away from us to the east

socked in

we were treated to four rainbows throughout the day.

We're all a bit tired of the rain part though.    All of us except perhaps the ducks.

One handsome Redhead hangs around our dock

Well, and Lewis.   He doesn't mind the rain much.   He's discovered that he can not only drink from the giant water bowl outside the cottage, but he can swim in it too!    Not a stick or leaf gets past him now.

He doesn't mind diving into the wet day lilies to search for his ball either.   Its all in a day's work for him.

In between swimming and playing ball he manages to help Dave with most of his jobs.

Lew dozes while Dave does some serious mental calculations
about the driveway-deck interface

He makes sure to pace himself and easily falls asleep whenever the mood strikes.


Then poor Dave has to work alone.  I try to help but I'm a poor substitute for Lewis.

setting up the chiminea

So, that's about it for this last week of May.


  1. Lucky girl! Rabbit Room! Happy birthday to Dave. Hello to Tom and Robin!

  2. Daily rain gets old, but oh those huge clouds are amazing to watch!! Beautiful rainbows too. I love the pretty duck, what colors!! Dave looks way too busy but I know he and his crewman enjoy it - and certainly the results are always wonderful :-)))

  3. What awesome rainbow photos!! Love the reflections:) Lew is one busy guy between his swimming, ball fetching, and working with dad. I'm tired just following him around. He looks so cute napping:) Dave is a man of many projects. I hope he remembers to sit back and relax once in awhile. Would you please take a photo of the cottage from the end of the dock. I am struggling with the placement of everything. I am quite challenged in that area. Thanks!

  4. Well at least the rain doesn't stick around all day sure are treated to some amazing beauty as they squalls pass by!

  5. What a wonderful way to spend the days! The rainbows are gorgeous and so is the handsome Redhead. Love how the guys hang out together getting things done. Birthday wishes to Dave!

  6. Have you been reading RV Sue? New crew member on board!