Sunday, June 4, 2017


We're slipped back into the Boring Couple routine once again.   We're happy, but not much exciting to write about.

Between keeping up with homeowning jobs and visiting with friends, Dave and Lewis do a bit of fishing.

Lew is fascinated by the fish before it goes back into the lake

Last Thursday was Dave's birthday so we celebrated by having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Honeoye Falls, The Rabbit Room.   We were scheduled to share our celebration with friends, but they had a calendar mishap and thought the date was this week.....We'll try again this Thursday (the Rabbit Room is only open on Thursday evenings).

the falls at Honeoye Falls

This week we have a raft of Dr. and Dentist appointments to take care of....not much fun there.

Last week we took a little excursion up to a small town near the big lake (Lake Ontario).   We were looking for a Baldwin apple ladder, a hand made wooden orchard ladder, wider at the bottom than at the top.  We heard that Williamson Building Supply carried lots of orchard supplies (it is in the middle of a huge fruit producing area) so that is where we decided to start our search.   Our little cottage has five clerestory windows designed to capture the evening's west wind and give them to us on those hot summer nights.  However, we can't reach them from the floor, so this ladder will be a piece of furniture with a purpose.....

Dave selecting our new Aspen and Ash ladder

Happily, they had a good supply, having just received a trailer load driven over from the Maine workshop by Mr. Baldwin himself.    We selected a 10 foot one and loaded it into the Jeep.  It was a nice day so we didn't mind driving with the rear window open to accommodate it.

it fits!

Since we were in the area we stopped at an old favorite burger joint, Orbachers.

Lewis was born only a few miles from there and, when he was still just a baby, Cindy P and I took him there for lunch at one of their outdoor picnic tables.

After lunch we crossed over the Irondequoit Bay Bridge and braved Rochester's rush hour traffic to visit friends Cindy and Norm.

Irondequoit Bay in the foreground, Lake Ontario in the background
There is a moveable bridge to allow boats access to the lake.

ah......rush hour in a small city!

The rain has lessened some and the results are showing in the bumper crop of phlox and other wildflowers.   We are surrounded by Black Locust trees and their profuse blossoms perfume the air.    Even the Tulip Poplar at the end of the driveway is blooming.

Black Locust blossoms up close
I wish you could smell them....

Tulip tree blossom

I spoke too soon, the rain has was very wet.    The intrepid fishermen still get out on the lake however.    They ride around all closed up with just their poles sticking out......wimps.

It was also quite chilly this morning.   Dave is a heat seeking being so when I got up this morning, this is where I found him....

sitting in front of the heat vent....Oh Dave

We spent the day downstairs washing, drying and mowing the wooly yak that was Lewis.  He's so patient.

Lew's own personal bathtub

5:30 a.m.

This was the beautiful sunrise outside our bedroom window this morning.  I see very few sunrises, this one only because my window was open and the shade up.
I turned over, saw the stunning color over the lake,  snapped the picture with my phone and went right back to sleep until a more decent hour.

That's all for now.


  1. Well I thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing your time at the lake. Love Dave and Lew on the dock. Beautiful Black Locust blooms - I don't know that I've ever seen them before. Lucky you! Now that is a sunrise worth waking up for, even if just for a short time :-)

  2. Doesn't sound boring at all! Love all the new blossoms!

  3. Your black locust blooms remind me of jacaranda and wisteria (in purple) out west. Such a beautiful place you get to call home.

  4. Loved the reminder of lunch that day picking up times.

  5. Dave and his shadow:) Love the boys fishing together! Lew's bathtub is very cool!!

    What a great idea to use the apple ladder! It will make a great piece of furniture with a purpose. Clever!!

    Have you heard anything is your area about flooding from Lake Ontario? They are having a terrible time near my mother. They have been sandbagging for weeks, using the prisoners and National Guard. People that live along the shore are getting flooded with the high water level. The water level in Clayton is still really high, also.

    You really had John going with that 5:30 AM photo. He immediately was wondering what you were doing up at that time of day. Glad you explained:) Great photo!! Glad it woke you:)

  6. For being a boring couple, y'all sound like you have been pretty busy. I love the falls at Honeoye Falls. Looks beautiful.

    Happy belated birthday to Dave. My birthday was on Friday. Great people are born in the month of June...hehehe

  7. Not boring at all! Looks relaxing and fun. Love the idea of the orchard ladder for the clerestory windows. And lucky Lewis, with his very own turquoise bathtub! Haha, so funny taking a sunrise photo and then rolling over until a respectable hour. I have to remember that because I always want to see sunrise, but I don't necessarily want to have to get up for it. :-))