Saturday, June 24, 2017

nothing very interesting

Life sitting in one place isn't as interesting as being on the road, but it has it's pleasures.     Our days follow pretty much the same routine.    We enjoy our time outside in between the ever present rain storms.   Almost every day we have some rain.   Just enough to make us run around closing windows, taking sheets off the clothes line, racing off the dock with our second cup sloshing wildly, but not enough to keep the crocks and pots outside watered.

Dave has resigned himself to grilling under an umbrella

Last week we had Beluga's parking area dug up and refilled with the appropriate stone base.   We use her for our second bedroom suite so we consider her "spot" to be part of our outdoor living room.   Dave worked alongside the driveway guys and Lewis stayed out of the way when the machines were moving.

But when they stopped, he'd zoom around to inspect each step.   We're all pleased with the way it turned out, now we can enjoy our outdoor room, when the sun shines.

Lewis always seeks the shade while "working"


Lewis is keeping busy chasing ducks off his property.   They tolerate his antics and only swim far enough away to satisfy him....then they turn around and come right back.   It's a bit embarrassing for him but he pretends he doesn't notice them return.  More ducks to chase says he!

One day last week fantastic Fred (our friend and house watcher) called to say he had prepared one of his specialties and wanted to bring it over for our dinner!   How great was that?

Fred's masterpiece

It was wonderful...he outdid himself this time.   Shrimp and scallop alfredo with seafood in every single bite!    Thanks Fred, you're the best.

Our good friend, JoAnn, came down on Thursday and we had lunch and good conversation.  It was good to see her but I didn't remember to take any photographs!

The Sheriff doesn't take kindly to balloons coming down too close to his lake
This pretty Cessna 172 did a number of touch and goes on Thursday afternoon

People have been enjoying this beautiful lake and it has been busy, but we're nestled back in our little cove away from the hustle.   Nice to watch and not participate.

The End!


  1. The cottage area looks so nice. I am anxious to see it. John and I are still struggling to figure out exactly where we sat and where the deck that we were next too is. Guess we'll have to come over and check it our next summer:) Lewis has so many responsibilities with keeping track of Dave and making sure he keeps busy and keeping all the ducks away from the shore. Poor boy is being worked to the bone. But he is doing a good job:) Smart to supervise from the shade! Love all the entertainment with the balloon, airplane, and duck families.

  2. Love the new deck-driveway-Beluga 2nd bedroom area. Very nice job! Fred's dinner looks spectacular. I heard from a little bird that Dave was going to be receiving a special pie soon! Have a great visit with the kids!

  3. The new parking spot for Beluga looks great -- and flows so beautifully into the patio area. Good thing Lewis is there to supervise (from a safe distance). Love the photo of Dave grilling, umbrella in hand!

  4. I love your little oasis, it looks just perfect. When we finally come off the road we want water and a small foot print exactly like that :-) Maybe not the winters..... Your Coleus are gorgeous. Isn't is amazing how rain always manages to "miss" the flower pots?? Lewis is definitely channeling his water, herding, working dogness. Glad you got a visit with Joann, hope she's doing well.

  5. Having a piece of paradise to rest after running around the country is one heck of a perk! I think you have a perfect spot with all the entertainments you get while just sitting by the window. I bet Lewis loves you more when you are staying put for a while.
    You have a very good looking barbecuer :)

  6. Your place is so lovely! I am suffering from home envy! ;-)

  7. What a wonderful spot to call home when you are not wandering around the country. Beautiful Sue!