Saturday, August 9, 2014

Whirlwind trip west

We're back.    Our trip west was too short and quite busy, but we enjoyed ourselves completely.   Jesse and Erin just moved into a two bedroom townhouse so we were able to stay with them.  It worked out well and allowed us to maximize our time together.   Jesse is working during the summer break but has a flexible schedule and Erin is putting the finishing touches on her final school project at home so we were lucky to spend plenty of time with them both.

If they were busy, the two "girls" living with them were more than happy to keep us company.

second cup with Erin's Kikan

Jesse's Ruby loved our bed - we were happy to share
The main reason for our trip, however, was to attend a memorial service for Erin's father.   It was held in her hometown of Casper, Wyoming.    We drove Jesse's car and followed them for the approximately 4 hour drive up into the wide open spaces of Wyoming on Friday morning.  We stopped in Laramie for a delicious Thai lunch and then arrived at our hotel before dinner time.   We met the family for a fine Italian meal later that evening.

following Jess and Erin through Colorado


anyone know what this is?   We saw a number of them on the range

the "girls" are quiet travelers

The memorial service was scheduled for Saturday afternoon at the Casper Mountain Trails Center where Don spent many happy hours.   Quite a large crowd attended and we listened to stories and reminiscences from his family and friends.   He was clearly a beloved and valued man.    He also was a man with a powerful sweet tooth and after the speeches were over he was "toasted" with a pie reception (his favorite)!

Either the beautiful full moon is affecting this blog or the lap top's poltergeist is bored, so the pictures below are the last I can post for tonight.   I'll try again in the morning.....stay tuned.

view from the ride up the mountain for Don's memorial service

view from behind the lodge

Erin  talks with guests

Dave, Jesse and pies, lots and lots of pies....


  1. What a lovely setting for a memorial service.

  2. That landscape shot with the red roof looks like a painting!

  3. To be remembered under the trees with a piece of pie - a lovely celebration of life. Your mystery looks like a giant hay cupcake.....probably something else though :-). Ditto on Lisa's comment!

  4. So I am reading the posts backwards! Gorgeous setting for the service. I know Erin really appreciated your being there. Beautiful dogs!! Don't show Lewis...he won't like this:)