Thursday, September 25, 2014


Glorious Indian summer.    Clear days, low humidity, warm sun and the forecast is the same for the next 7 days!     Even though Dave and I both have colds and don't feel all that well, the weather is having a good effect on us.   We're smiling and cheerful and just generally enjoying our work.

Dave finally found a huge old  oak board in one of the barns and has been at work planing and smoothing its old rough surface, preparing it to become a nice leaf for our kitchen table.   He had to split it in half in order to run it through the planer, but you can see how wide it was originally.

The cactus we bought in Arizona when we were on our excellent adventure seems to be enjoying its life on the farm.   It has been exuberantly producing  needles lately, perhaps getting ready for a north east winter?

Yesterday Dave, Barb and I piled in the jeep and set off for a busy day of checking on the cottage progress, a few errands, lunch and a stop at Hurd Orchards, a favorite fall destination.   It was a bit of a busman's holiday for Barb, she works part time at another apple orchard north of us, but she was up for a drive on such a beautiful day.

Barb takes a photo in front of the kitchen window

Dave gives helpful pointers to the guy extruding  metal roof sections

Nations Rd. wanders through the valley

a busy morning following the hounds deserves a little nap

After we left the lake we decided to drive through the serene countryside in the valley on our way to LeRoy, New York where we would pick up my new - yes new - laptop and have lunch.

Dave finds roses in front of our lunch stop, wouldn't ya know....

they serve scissors with their french onion soup!

We had a good, gooey lunch at an old train station and continued on our journey.    We drove through Brockport, a small town on the Erie Canal and were lucky enough to be at one of the bridges when it lifted to allow a boat to pass.   "Low bridge everybody down, low bridge cause we're coming to a town".    

Hurd Orchards is a small, family run fruit and flower farm that has been nurtured and guided by the hands of the Hurd women for generations.   They are careful stewards of their land and are dedicated to the traditional methods and varieties that are often lost in today's rush to the market.   They are also artists, in the  overflowing arrangements of apples, peaches, raspberries, preserves, honey, maple syrup, flowers, pumpkins, herbal vinegars.    They hold special lunches and teas in their 200 year old barn.   Its just a treat to wander there.

Barb ponders her purchase

avert your eyes John

lunch table in the barn at Hurd's

And, at home, we leave two bored dogs.....


  1. Awww, there's my buddies!! How adorable are they:) Lewis is looking for me out the window!

    What a wonderful orchard! I really need to find something like this. I would have loved to see and purchase some of that fresh fruit. Sure sounds like a great place.

    Nothing better than a fall drive through the country with a friend.

    Boy, the cottage is really coming along. I am sure it is very hard for Dave to be there and not get involved.

    Oh, Dave!! Gotta stop and smell the roses:) Love your caption...I'll keep John from looking :)

    Take care of your selves. Hope you are feeling better real soon:)

  2. That Hurd Orchard looks wonderful! Your cottage looks like it is coming along quite nicely. The scissors with the soup is ingenious!

  3. Love that you'll have a piece of the farm and Dave's handiwork on your table. The Nations Rd shot is so serene - I would want to follow that road for miles :-) Hurd's sounds wonderful and your photos capture the serenity of a well-loved family heirloom. Lewis and Sasha have such a rough life......

  4. The lunch table in the barn is so inviting. I can't imagine a prettier time to visit than on a crisp fall day. What a glorious time of year to visit an orchard. We were lucky to be in your part of the world last year in October which makes me appreciate the beauty of your autumn photos even more.

    Amazing progress on the cottage. Looks like the fun part of finish work and furnishings is not far off. Can't wait to see more.

    I have to remember to offer my guests scissors the next time I make French Onion soup. Yum.