Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BCA - August 6

Boring, but very busy.

Lewis is still racing around enjoying his new found freedom.  Of course, Dave is encouraging the behavior!
Normally there is a beautiful green pasture on the other side of the fence behind the guys.   Today our always reliable old Massey Ferguson decided to shut down behind the barn, refusing to move another inch until Dave can figure out what it wants,  so the rest of the pasture won't be mowed anytime soon.   Sigh.

Lewis' mad excavating has paid off and we now have a great place to enjoy a "campfire" in the chiminea.   We've invited Mr. and Mrs. to join us and they seem happy to oblige.

After rummaging around a couple garden stores I managed to find enough left over plants to fill the window boxes and a couple pots.  Things are beginning to feel more like home - or at least a really nice campground!

And, guess who showed up just before the predicted rain?   I know you'll recognize Mr. David of Mr. David's Gutter Cleaning Service.   A very reliable and multi talented man and he works for peanuts (almonds, actually).

And, so you don't think its all work and no play, we're getting ready to have a great old friend, Barb S. down for a good old fashioned western new york fish fry on Friday.   She just moved back to the area from California and we haven't seen her yet, she'll stay overnight so we can  get caught up and perhaps enjoy a little vino.....

Got word that our son, Jesse, made it to Boulder with all his belongings in a rental truck hauling his car and kayak behind on a trailer.   He found out just how much fun keeping a high profile vehicle between the lines in those nasty Western winds can be.     He encountered "a few genuinely terrifying wind gusts" (his words) in a less than well maintained vehicle.   We were almost as glad when he arrived as he was!    A new chapter in his life.   He moved from Eugene, Oregon (where he just received his Master's of Architecture) to Boulder to pursue an MBA there.


  1. The campfire area is lovely. You two are sure fixing your place up beautifully!

  2. Oh my where to start? The flowers are gorgeous...the "campfire" area is inviting...and congratulations to Jesse. You must be very proud of him.

    Lewis certainly knows how to have a grand time! Love to see the pups playing!

    I do hope our paths will cross one day.

    Another beautiful day and sunset!

  3. Sue, I am so disappointed we aren't going to get to see your beautiful place. You certainly have a lovely house and yard. I would have loved to sit out by the chiminea and visit. Maybe in the future!

    Glad to see Lewis and Dave have lots of room to play.

  4. Ah, loving the pics of your gorgeous place. Wish we were there to play in the grass!

  5. Whew ...I had a few days of catching up with Beluga's adventures. I had no idea I had missed so much activity right up the road! Your place looks awesome ....Jesse and Erin are going to love being able to sit out by the chimenea and visit. And I'll be up for a 5:00 cocktail one of these nights! Looks adorable...just like a little campsite and so close by! Love, love it! Nice work. Hope Lewis's excavations are really done by now. He could make a mess of your pretty area there in no time at all.