Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We made a good decision to hang back in Fernandina Beach and miss the squalls, winds and tornadoes tracking along I-95.     Our drive Monday confirmed that decision.   The skies were blue, the highways were empty and we sailed along to our next stop in Mooresville, NC.    This morning we drove most of the day on dry roads, cold weather, but no rain or wind or snow.

As we approached the last night's stop on our way home we encountered snow.   Evidently we had just missed a major snow event, operative word, "just".......The roads were  black and dry.   It was clear that there had been plowable snow earlier in the day, and the newscasts were full of stories of closed schools and accidents.      It was finished by the time we drove through Fancy Gap and Staunton.    As western New Yorker's, this wasn't a biggy, but I guess it was a major problem here.

We're in for the night in the land of Nanook of the North and Dave's shoes are soaked through.   He didn't plan on snow.....Oh Dave.   He's not happy, but a little g&t and a nice dinner will settle him.  We're only about 6 hours from home.

what we see from our motel window

Such good dogs, such good travelers.    They are quiet in the jeep, happy to get out, stretch their legs and p, happy to be back on the road again, happy to see what each new hotel/motel room looks like, happy to see what their new sleeping arrangements will be.  How lucky are we to have them with us.

pay no attention to that blue ball on the other bed....
where will WE sleep?


  1. Get your mittens and gloves out for that last 6 hours.....single digits tonite and nasty wind chill all day on Wed.
    See u guys soon.

  2. Not a pleasant day to be going north for sure. Glad you went through after the roads cleared. Be careful tomorrow on your last leg home.

    Looks like you two need another room!!! I do believe both beds have been claimed:)

  3. Sounds like you held out for perfect travel weather - always validating to see what you "just" missed by waiting :-) It's still beautiful to this SoCal girl, but definitely not a fan of soaked shoes! Having good traveling companions is such a joy (both two and four-legged). Sasha really needs that bed in Beluga........

    Can't wait to get to the farm and finish moving out and onward :-)

  4. All will be happy to get home I am sure. Safe travels.