Thursday, May 28, 2015

Journey's end

Today was the end of her journey.    Pat S.,  my dear friend of almost 40 years, died this afternoon.     It was time for her to go and I'm glad she is finally at peace.    She lived a long and happy life and passed away with her family around her.

I'm not mourning her death, I'm mourning the loss of her friendship, of her council and her wonderful laugh and sense of mischief.  We had many adventures together.

  She was an example to all who knew her.    An example of how to live and how to love and how to be a friend..

She lives on in her wonderful daughter, Cindy P.....a special friend.   A gift from her to me I think.

Pat S and newborn Lewis in 2009


  1. .Mom was always at her best with a puppy in her lap...and you know how springtime meant the heralding in of some small baby!
    Thank you for this lovely her life so well lived.

  2. So sorry to hear about the lose of your dear friend, Pat. How nice that you were back in NY the last year to enjoy some time with her. Beautiful photo with little Lewis and Pat:)

  3. A loving and lovely tribute to a good friend. I'm sorry for her absence in your life now, and glad you had the years you did.