Saturday, August 5, 2017

What we've been up to lately

Dave and Paul drove to LeRoy to pick up the new residential refrigerator and washer/dryer that were ordered and delivered to our old company there. (AIM Co.).

Dave's brother, Mike, met them there and used AIM's forklift to get the appliances inside through Beluga's side window.

With everyone's help it was a piece of cake!   They were strapped in and settled in time for a quick lunch with the rest of the guys.

The refrigerator is a little narrower than our original one because it was really the only one that would work with our not-to-be changed height requirements.    Dave is busy designing and building a narrow pantry cupboard that he will install next to the refrigerator using every inch of new space!

I've been deciding which pantry items I want to have in the new cupboard so that Dave can make the shelves exactly the right size for my needs.    Nice to have such a handy man in the house.

Nina and Paul are still away so Polly is enjoying her time here with us.   She and Lewis do most things together.

It's always more fun to play with someone else's toys says sweet Polly.....

Mr. Lobster tries to sneak away while she is occupied with the 747

too late!

help me!

Before Paul left he made us a delicious dinner of his famous saffron risotto and Cuban pork tenderloin.    He enjoyed cooking in the cottage's full size kitchen and we enjoyed his wonderful effort (AND, we had left overs for 2 more meals!),   Thanks again Paul....

master chef

the saffron risotto

Since my last post,  Dave and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.

were we ever that young?
It seems like just yesterday.....and it seems like we've been together forever.

Jesse and Erin sent us some beautiful flowers and Cindy P and Walter send a box of love our way.  

Although our weather has given us some very dramatic skies lately, we're getting tired of the rain.

I'll say goodbye for now with a totally gratuitous picture of a poodle puddling on pillows....I know someone who will appreciate it.


  1. A new fridge and room for a pantry...awesome! Love the puppy photos! It's nice Lew has a buddy for awhile and so cute how they are so "in tune" with each other!

  2. Boy that sure is a major effort to replace large appliances in an RV! Great job...can't wait to see what Dave puts together for the pantry!

    Those two kids are so cute together! And who can resist a puddling poodle!

  3. It was nice that Dave had lots of help and a forklift to get the new appliances in the MH. Can't wait to see the finished refrigerator project!

    Polly and Lew are so cute together. It's going to be hard for them to part ways.

    I know what you mean about it seeming like yesterday. John and I have been together for 43 years. It sure doesn't seem that long. Each day is better than the day before:) We are four blessed people!! Happy Anniversary!

    Love, love the photo of my best buddy in all the pillows. Sure do miss that boy!

  4. What a job! It's going to be wonderful having new appliances. Love the synchronized pups - they're even starting to look alike :-)) We could use some of that rain to drown the fires around here! Congrats again on your 47 years.

  5. We just put in a residential refrig. Oh how I love it! No more running to Walmart every other day.
    Happy Anniversary. You two don't look old enough to be married 47 years!

  6. Polly looks to be settling in very nicely and I'm sure Nina and Paul are enjoying your updates about her adjustment. So nice she and Lew are pals. A good friend in life can go a long way! Great post!

  7. Happy Anniversary, and may you enjoy many, many more years of second cups and happy hours together! I loved seeing your beautiful wedding photo. But seeing the photo of the fridge being forklifted into your rig looked pretty scary -- glad you had experts there to get everything situated just right. How fun that you're designing your ideal pantry! Can't wait to see what you two come up with.

  8. Those black beauties are buddies/bffs/sweethearts for life!
    Belated Happy Anniversary! Wow 47 years, what a feat of togetherness. Cheers!