Wednesday, August 16, 2017

work and play

The summer seems to be flying by.  Since Nina and Paul left, Dave has been working on the final installation of the refrigerator and building the cupboard/pantry unit to fit beside it.

we're keeping Lowes in business these days

sizing the tray cubbies

He's tailoring the shelves to my specifications.    There are a few things we use often that just don't fit nicely in Beluga's original cupboards and these are the things I'll put into the new one.   Platters, my cookbook/binder, our gin bottle, etc.    Now they'll have a spot made just for them!

preliminary fitting before the door is attached

If Dave had a solid block of time to work, it would be in and installed by now but other things interfere.    Some pleasant things, friends visiting, a family wedding, and some things not as pleasant.

We evidently have a sewer pump alarm in the basement.   It goes off more than we'd like.   Sometimes with reason, sometimes just for the fun of it.   Working on a sewer pump is not high on Dave's list, but he finally had to get into it.    The joys of homeownership he reminds all of you contemplating buying a home.

Dave's nephew's only daughter got married last Friday and we were invited.   The reception was held in a fabulous old barn in Scottsville, New York.    It turns
out we'd been to this barn before.....It, and the beautiful cobblestone home on the property, used to belong to our old equine Veterinarian, Dr. Pierson.    Needless to say, it looks much different nowadays.

niece Lisa and her husband Chris

I didn't take any pictures of the interior of this barn I really should have.  It was stunning.   As a matter of fact, I really didn't take many pictures at all.    I did manage to capture the sweet Polish tradition of Oczepiny or "unveiling".   It symbolizes the rite of passage from a young woman to a married one.   Her veil is removed and replaced with a small lace cap while everyone stands around singing Sosnie Trawka.    This song is usually sung in Polish (song sheets are passed around so everyone can sing along) but this day we all sang it in English.  Everyone sings and sways around the couple, a really emotional ceremony.

To lighten the mood a bit, the groom gets a hat too.   It reminds the couple to laugh and have fun in their marriage.   Lisa made this hat for Andrew.   I think a fertility "reminder" is always included.   Look closely at the back of his hat when they're dancing.    Often that "reminder" hangs in the front, right down in front of his face, but Lisa was a bit more restrained by adding a cucumber and two walnuts to the back of the hat this time!    An old friend of ours, Norm K, had a hat placed on his head (some 47 years ago) with a very large piece of polish sausage and two hard boiled eggs dangling in front of his eyes.

Lisa places the grooms hat

On Sunday afternoon Judi (from Buffalo) and Barb (from Webster) came down for a sleep over.    We've been friends with these two for more years than we can count and we always have a really great time together.    Sunday was no exception.

Dave sets the table

I love a good low country boil but have never made one myself.   The girls volunteered to be guinea pigs.

Oooooh it looks so good says Barb

They each made a contribution to the meal and it turned out very well.   We all sat around the newspaper covered table and ate and ate til we ate it all up.    I noticed that Barb had the paper's crossword puzzle next to her plate so we decided to work it after we ate.

We laughed and laughed!    After a ridiculously long time we successfully completed it.   As we looked over the table we discovered 3 or 4 more puzzles but decided one was enough for the day.

In the morning we all shared the peanut stick donuts that Judi brought and they were on their separate ways after lunch.     Barb is off to England later this week. I think we'll recreate our meal and game night when she returns.

Back to work for Dave.   Lewis likes entertaining company much more than woodworking so he's bored today.

routing the door trim makes chips fly!



  1. That is so cool that Dave can do all of these things. All we can do is write really big checks!

  2. The cupboard is going to be wonderful. Such a talented man you have there:) Can't wait to see the final product. Poor Lew...such a boring job woodworking is. Love that look on his face and the way he is cuddled in the pillows:) A sewer project...oh, dear...not fun!!! Sure looks like a fun dinner with the girls. I need more info on how you did the low country boil. Could we do it when we get together?? John would have loved the crossword puzzle fun.

  3. Looks like you two have remained busy... when will it be time for you two to hit the road again?

  4. When Brian and Shalise got married they researched and used many different traditions - but I guess they missed the Polish hats! Looks (and sounds) like they are great fun for everyone :-))) Your boil looks scrumptious. Great to find the game in the tablecloth! That Dave can do everything (although he may wish he couldn't figure out sewers).

  5. The wedding sounds so neat. I have never been to a "real" Polish wedding.
    I love a country boil! Yummy.
    What does the alarm on the sewer do? I have never hear of an alarm on a sewer.

  6. We love low country boils and do them when we're in Florida. Yours looks delicious and authentic! The crossword puzzle is a hilarious addition. :-) I would like a special cupboard for our gin. Perhaps Lewis would be more interested and involved if he was helping make a special cupboard for treats??

  7. Lucky you. New cabinets, New recipes, old friends and new swing under the eave. But one bored Poodle...

  8. When tools are just within reach, work is not work it's just a never ending project that Dave Im sure enjoys doing. I love country boils! I know you are going to love your new fridge as much as the new storage space.
    Love Lewis nap pose!