Sunday, April 12, 2020

a little more

Today the US Air Force's fabulous Thunderbirds performed low level flyovers to honor the frontline  health care providers working tirelessly during this coronavirus pandemic.      We drove into nearby Henderson and took a few dirt tracks back into the mountains to get some elevation and see the entire valley.

LasVegas Strip in the distance, on the right

Dave had the binoculars and saw the planes clearly as they zoomed back and forth over downtown LasVegas and over the mountains.     I had the camera and tried, most unsuccessfully, to catch the action.

the white line heading towards the Stratosphere is the smoke from the F-16s

coming back over the mountains from Boulder City

Ah well, we had a good time bumping around the rocky roads into the mountains and it was fun to see what we were able to see.    They weren't there for our benefit, after all.     I understand that we would have had better "seats" if we had stayed back in Boulder City, evidently they flew there also..

Another day we we took a graded dirt road  (Black Joe Mine Road), off US 93 at mm 6.   Pam and John had been there recently and told us about the flowers and solitude we'd find.

They were right.   Not another soul around and plenty of flowers....look !

Oh Dave.....

a road of Lupine

one of my feather's flew out the window, Dave kindly looks for it

Easter Bunny?  Peter Cottontail? Thumper? Mr. Bunny Rabbit? Benjamin Bunny? Honey Bunny?

The only other things of importance (to me at least) that we (Dave) did this week was make some yummy tapioca pudding for desert and steal (liberate) a couple fragrant red roses.   The Rose Robber lives!

Thus ends another exhilarating  post.


  1. Oh...those fields of purple lupine are glorious!! We're loving our time on the water here in Florida, but I enjoy taking little field trips with you two through the desert. Tapioca, huh? My mom used to make that. Now I want some!

    1. and we enjoy spending time at the water with you! Perfect set up don't you think? Well, not perfect perfect, but it will do nicely. Tapioca - mmmm

  2. Sure do miss visiting the wildflowers, thanks for sharing some with us. I think you found a
    perfect spot to view the Thunderbirds! It's a Jeep thing ...

  3. Wishing you both a Safe and Happy Easter.
    Nice Pictures.

    It's about time.

  4. Your flowers are making me so jealous! Thinking about making a day trip north to see what we can find in east of Tucson. Great pic over Las Vegas. I imagine it looks very different from the air these days. I think Peter Cottontail for sure! Just yesterday I was talking about Tapioca pudding - so delish! Wonderful to see you're doing well.

  5. The field of lupines reminded me of our time in Fredericksburg exactly a year ago today. You are making the most of your time being out while keeping distance and the desert is the perfect place.
    Tapioca? how funny I just bought Steve his favorite Kozyshack brand of tapioca pudding.

  6. All the beautiful wildflowers make me happy that you that you are settled and safe AND can share the blooming desert with us. Life is good! The rose is beautiful too!