Tuesday, December 24, 2013

BFA on Christmas Eve

Boring Family Alert.......Read my last post and you'll know what we did yesterday also.    Boring, but oh so relaxing for us.    You know, walk on the beach, lunch outside, read in the sun, cocktails at sunset, dinner at a great restaurant, a little puzzle construction, then bed.   Yawn.

Lewis attempts to keep things interesting.... he's taken to decorating himself with pine needles for a more festive, holiday look.

A cold front has swept through Florida so today will be cloudy and cooler with a sharp North wind.   No matter, we all have things to take care of.   Grocery shopping for tomorrow's meal (Jesse and Erin will prepare dinner for us all, Jesse even brought a couple of Meyer lemons from his tree to make dessert)  a quick stop at Beluga to check on the old girl and water my plants, and  then try to hammer out some details to help us build our little house on the lake.    We have two Master's of Architecture under this roof you know!

the approaching cold front's clouds dull the sunset


  1. Sounds like a good family time. Jessica arrived last night in time for the cool front:(

    Have a great dinner!

    Love Lewis' decorated ears:)

  2. How nice to have children to cook the dinner! What a treat...
    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!