Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A real gem and a string of pearls

Dave's brother Mike and his wife Arline came over for lunch today.   We had take out Polish food....mmmmmm.

You know Lewis, he's a real goof  ball.   When he first sees people he loves, he flies around the room, bounces off the walls and couch, spreads kisses and smiles, fairly vibrates.   He's a lot to handle at first greeting to be sure.

But, he's a real gem.   Arline has MS and isn't very mobile.   He greeted her quietly, calmly.   He sidled up and sat beside her, smiling broadly.   He let her pet him, he kept four feet on the ground at all times.   Those of you familiar with Mr. Lewis Black know how difficult that is for him.    He gingerly sniffed her walker.   He sat beside her again.  Throughout the afternoon he kept her in sight at all times, draped himself across her feet at the lunch table.   What a gem he is....

Lewis eavesdrops on Arline's phone call

Today was very cold but very clear.    Mike was telling us about a huge flock of snow geese they saw resting in a field in the flats on their way here.   As if on cue, the blue sky outside our window was filled with what looked to me like a string of beautiful white pearls suddenly broken.    Thousands of white snow geese were flying over the lake in ever changing patterns of white and blue.    My little camera couldn't capture the beautiful patterns moving so high over our heads.     Spring is arriving!


  1. Aaaaah Lewis....he always comes through. So kind and sweet. He is a
    Gem...but then so are his people.

    Loved the pearls....such spring hope.

  2. It's wonderful to see natural healers of any species interact with those who need a special touch. He really is a gem. Remember "pop-beads"? Large white pearls always remind me of how I loved those as a kid. The Geese are beautiful - and there's so many!!

  3. How cool was that that Lewis knew he had to be calm but yet attentive!! Way to go Mr. Lewis Black:)

    The snow geese are beautiful. What a treat to see the sky fill with them. Yes, Spring has arrived:)

  4. Lewis! What a good boy and my poodles too get the "vibrating and flying around". We call them the zoomies! So cool you got to see the snow geese AND eat take out Polish. When do you guys leave?

  5. Lewis is such a sweety!

    We've been seeing groups of hundreds of sandhill cranes flying over us in Austin, they make a wonderful sound! I think you did a great job capturing the essence of the flyover!