Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mish Mash

I've been an unhappy camper the past few days.    I had a filling replaced last week and the next day I awoke with a swollen and sore face.   It was a simple procedure, one we've all had many times (well, at least those of us of a certain age - before floride that is).   Ancient fillings need to be replaced, a no brainer.     Seems I must have developed a novocain allergy (the best guess at this point).  My lips are swollen (think Homer Simpson), my tongue is swollen, lisp lisp, most every surface of the inside of my mouth is covered in canker sores.   Each day I discover another sore and its very painful to swallow or eat.    Bright side....maybe I'll lose a few pounds!

Boo hoo.....poor me.   Ok, I'm done with that.  

Here's a mish mash of pictures from the better part of the week.

I opened the shades one morning to see the sun peeking over the east hills, shining on the fast disappearing ice.    And, something else.....At first it looked like a dog out there, looking in at us.

But when I zoomed in a bit, we realized it was a coyote!   I wonder what he was doing out there all by himself?     We watched for a few minutes, then he turned and trotted off to the south.

he's a big boy!

anything is a pillow for Sasha, especially in the sunshine

Friday morning Robin and Tom picked us up before breakfast, we were heading for a traditional spring outing, fresh maple syrup over all you can eat buckwheat pancakes at Cartwright's Maple Tree Inn.   This is a small, family owned and run business that is only open a few weeks in the spring.   Most often a long line forms outside the rambling bldg., but Tom timed it just right.   We walked in and were seated right away!   Lucky us.     Its a long drive from the lake and the weather decided to give us a little bit more snow.   Did I say Lucky us?

snowy road to Short Tract and fab pancakes

pancakes pancakes pancakes

subtly, Dave warms the butter packets for better

Our third (4th?) plate of flapjacks
don't ask how many we ate.....


  1. Yikes...I sure hope you are all better in a couple of days! That's hoerrible Sue...

    As for the pancakes, yum, yum with lots of maple syrup!

    Sasha looks so pretty in the sunshine...sweet dreams to her!

  2. Oh, Sue, so sorry to hear about your reaction. I get canker sores and one is agony. I can't imagine many. Take care!

    I don't like that white stuff!!! Neither does Beluga. Only a few days left!!

    Pancakes and maple syrup...yum, yum!! Glad you beat the crowd.

    That was a beautiful coyote.

    Love Sasha resting in the sun:)

  3. Isn't it weird how we develop allergies as we age? What an unwelcome surprise that must have been. Wishing you a full recovery soon!

  4. Well that really sucks about the "sore face"! Hopefully the pancake therapy helped a little - they look amazing. Love the coyote, he looks very healthy. Had a dog who used to rest her head on the brick hearth, never looked comfortable, but she would sleep like that for hours. Saw you guys got more snow - enough already!

  5. Cutie photo of Sasha.

    I hope you are feeling much better today. I absolutely hate going to the dentist...even for a cleaning.

  6. Hope you're feeling better real soon. Sure looks cold in your neck of the woods.

  7. Now that sounds nasty! Fortunately the allergy or so broke out after your pancake breakfast. I wish you fast recovery, and think of the upside, losing a few pounds :)
    That's a handsome coyote.

  8. So sorry about the mouth. HATE dental work! But on the bright side I can't imagine FRESH maple syrup and on buckwheat pancakes - that is the Bomb! YUM