Sunday, March 1, 2015


Today we're taking a day off......mostly  a day off.   A little laundry, getting tax stuff together in one place, cleaning up a few bills, etc. but no running around.

Saturday we went over to the farm and fired up big Beluga.    I put some things away, readied the inside for departure and then waited a nervous few minutes while the air system (think brakes and suspension) SLOWLY came alive.    Whew!

Dave and Beluga leave the Morton bldg. one last time

Its a beautiful sight

We've decided to take her to our local RV shop for the annual inspection and a few other small upgrade,s including one that that will be a big help in the windy west.   Nina had a small awning over the beast's passenger side window (under the "big" awning) installed and I thought it was a stellar idea.   We are rarely able to extend the patio awning in the windy west and that leaves the window on that side vulnerable to rain and sun most all the time.   Putting a small window awning on it solves that problem nicely - thanks Nina and Paul!    

The sun was out and the roads were dry, we went.   It felt good to be on the road again if only to drive 20 miles!     Dave, the weatherman, says he's expecting the temperatures to moderate in mid-March so we're hoping to be able to bring Beluga back to the lake for its final loading by then.   Finger's crossed!   No matter, we're out of here by the last weekend in March - YES!

In the spirit of a fresh new adventure, we dropped into our local Jeep dealer to check out the new models.     Yep, we're picking up our brand new Jeep on Monday!    I hope the house sale money isn't starting to burn a hole in our pockets....

On the way home we passed a restaurant (Caledonia Village Inn) with two men outside carving ice sculptures!   Don't ask why, I don't know, but they were beautiful, glittering in the bright sun.  There were two more in the making!

ride em cowboy!

Back home we hung a few more pictures, adjusted a few doors (with help)  and gave the dogs a little fun in the snow.

Oh, they do love the snow....especially you-know-who!


  1. You are going to looooove that window awning. I know we do. Love the pic of Lewis jumping through the snow...those east!

    1. Darn auto correct! That should say "those ears"!

  2. It's good to see Beluga out on the road! The Anticipation builds!

  3. Yeah! departure is close...isnt it so much fun planning and thinking about your adventures? One of my favorite parts of RVing!

  4. So good to see Beluga out and about:) How nice that the roads dried off for the trip. I can imagine how exciting it was to ride in her again even if it was just a little ways. Wahoo!! It is almost time!!

    How neat! A new Jeep!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

    Love Sasha helping Dave:) What a good assistant! Lewis is so cute running around the snow. Thanks for the dog photos:)

  5. Oh happy day! Our weather still seems to parallel yours. We also had a sunny cold day with dry roads on Saturday, and were able to move our rig back up to the factory in Bristol, Indiana for emergency intervention from the effects of the arctic cold. Phew! What a relief to get that done, even though we are still camped out in a hotel with the dogs. Love the "kitty peek" art in your photo with Lewis. They look like they're keeping a sly eye on him. Congratulations on your new Jeep! We are totally Jeep people--we've been thinking about going back to a 4-door from our current 2-door so we can take out little granddaughter with us sometimes. Hope we can explore some Western roads together one day!

  6. Oh goody!! Love seeing Beluga on the road, even to the shop for checkup and upgrade. Now all of you are off the farm and ready for the new life. The ice sculptures are beautiful, they look like those delicate glass collectables. Sasha is such a great help :-) We have been lusting after the new Jeep since it came out - can't wait to see yours!
    Your photo of Lewis really says it all - just the joy of the day with everything as it should be - makes me smile.

  7. YAY for itcy feet! So where are you planning to travel this year (sorry if I missed that)? You will love your new jeep and of course Lewis loves the snow - have yet to find a spoo that doesn't!! :)

  8. Lewis is personifying his giddiness of your upcoming travels. Yeah, Beluga is out and ready to rock and roll.
    Its beautiful to see Beluga on the road with snow in the background.