Monday, February 29, 2016

Site 5 and Monday

We're settled into our site for the next 13 days here at Usery Mountain Regional Park.   I'm happy.   Its a nice back in with an expansive 2nd cup and happy hour view of the verdant desert and Usery Mountain.    Sun in the morning, shade the rest of the day - perfect.

my windshield view
In case I forget where we are.....

Usery mountain from my window

Beluga nestled into the cactus

Yesterday Dave installed one of the two sun shades we just bought for Beluga.  We have one for the windshield and one for the side window, next to my computer so I can have the window open, enjoy the breeze and view but not have the sun beating in on me.  

Dave hanging the new Magna Shade

nice neat covering for my computer chair window

We're happy with the product and the protection it provides, especially in this record desert heat.   He may need help, someone with whose arms are longer than mine, to install the magnets and sunscreen on the windshield though.   We'll have to wait....

Today, Monday, I had Beluga to myself.   That doesn't mean that I napped and ate bon bons and read movie magazines.   I did a bit of cooking, campground reservations, tax info. compilation, bills and a few other jobs that ended up taking the entire day.    I was alone because Dave was in Goodyear getting a personal tour of an interesting company given by old time Rochester friend Dave G.

Aero Turbine is a company that works on all kinds of large aircraft, from passenger planes, to cargo and fire fighting jet aircraft.    They also maintain a huge storage area that currently houses 70 aircraft in various stages of service.  They perform flight checks on nearly new planes, turn passenger planes into cargo planes, painting and reconfiguring, stripping and crushing out of service planes, etc.    Planes and plane parts everywhere!

Needless to say, Dave had a very enjoyable time!  

sunset view from the couch!


  1. Kevin would have loved this tour! How neat! Great day for Dave:)

    The new shade looks great. Great site!! Views everywhere:)

  2. Love that site. Beauty in all directions! Enjoy your stay.

  3. It's amazing the difference a little bit of extra shade makes on the sunny side!

  4. Someone must have complained about poor signage :-) Looks like a lovely site! Glad your shades came in and you like the side one - you'll have to catch up with the rest of the installation crew for the windshield! Now that's a living room view!!!

  5. You sound very content! Nice spot by the way!

  6. Another lovely site! I agree, sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon is perfect. If I could only figure that out when I'm reserving sites in a campground that we've not been to…..

  7. Since we skipped Usery Mountains, now we have to hit that area again, one day especially when you have views like that.
    That is one tour, I know Steve would love to do as well.
    You do know that there is a guy from Lowes Travels who will be your next door neighbor in April, and have long arms to help install those magnets :)