Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Naco to Tucson

Tuesday, our last day in Naco,  slipped by pretty much as all the other ones have.   Golf in the afternoon and dinner out.

This day, however, we broke our own records by having breakfast (is it still breakfast if we all eat breakfast food at lunchtime?) at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, golf, and then dinner at Bisbee's own Screaming Banshee Pizza.

Jodee and Bill came down from Tombstone, where they were visiting old friends.  We all met at the Bisbee Breakfast Club and shared a yummy meal before taking a few minutes for a photo op at "the wall" and comparing the merits of each other's Jeeps......

a happy and full crew if I ever saw one

don't feel bad for little Tessa, Gramma Pamma didn't forget her.

construction materials waiting to be used

Check Jodee and Bill's blog or Pam and John's blog if you want to see people posing in front of the wall.   I was taking the photos,  but with their cameras and didn't manage to get one for myself!

Three Jeep toads 

Afterward, Pam and I accompanied the guys on the front 9 but left the course there to take care of some pressing domestic duties.   We felt confident that Dave and John could finish the round on their own.

Screaming Banshee Pizza was the last restaurant on our list and, since we were leaving in the morning, we couldn't miss it.     It is a funky sort of place serving wood fired pizzas and pastas to locals and tourists.   The walls are lined with unusual art work, all for sale.     Last year Dave sat under a dour portrait with bleeding eyes and this year we found ourselves seated under a timely painting.

This morning we left Naco and drove less than 100 miles north to our next stop, Tucson, Arizona.    We'll be here for the rest of February.   It seems to be a winter magnet for RV friends as Jodee and Bill, Gay and Joe, Pam and John, Hans and Lisa, MonaLiza and Steve, Paul and Marsha and I think Rick and JoAnn will all be here this month!    I know we'll all be happy campers!


  1. Wait...don't forget Paul and I. We will be there on Monday. Pam said we will all be able to finally meet. We are staying at Justin Diamonds. Looking forward to seeing you two.

  2. Argh! I knew if I started listing people that I would miss someone! And I did. We're looking forward to finally meeting you and Paul next week!

  3. So fun to catch up with you guys in Bisbee! We need to check out Banshee next time we're in the area. We'd have to sit somewhere else I'm afraid :-) Looking forward to fun times here in Tucson.

  4. It was certainly a fun week in Naco:) Enjoyed the golf and lots of good meals I didn't have to cook! It's sweet that we still have a few weeks together:)

  5. Finally the three toads parked in a row. One day, I would like to ride with the mango tango. Looking forward to our group meet! We will arrive there on the 17th!
    It seems to me that it is John up the ladder looking out at the top of the wall :)

  6. Woohoo...I feel a meet up coming on!

  7. Playing catch up but the Question is how can we check out the other Blog Sites if you don't give us a Link. That was how we found your site six months ago.
    Loved the updated picture.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Oh my, you certainly have more good times ahead meeting up with so many friends! That painting really, really creeps me out. Ugh!