Saturday, February 4, 2017


We arrived in Naco, Arizona on Tuesday afternoon.    Pam and John were already here and had saved us a spot next to them at Turquoise Valley Golf and RV.    Its the oldest continuously operating golf course in Arizona, over 100 years old.    It sits on the Mexican border.   At night we see the lights on "the wall", a border patrol blimp patrols the skies overhead.

Discovery times two

We haven't seen them in almost a year and we had a lot to talk about!   Pam made us a delicious dinner and we shared some Julian pie with them as we caught up.

We've been playing golf every day since we arrived.   The desert weather has been cold in the mornings so we walk across the street after lunch and enjoy 9 or 18 holes before the sun drops and the chill returns.   The course is a fairly challenging one, over a deep ravine - twice - and through a scrub desert with one very long (700+ yard par 6) hole.    Lots of birds everywhere.   Northern Shovelers in the pond, cactus wrens, flycatchers, sparrows, finches, mockingbirds and thrashers, grackles on the power lines pinging and screeching down at us, vermillion flycatchers chasing their lunch, egrets, tohees, a solitary kestral, and even a large green parrot in the bare tree behind Beluga.

a rare picture of the four of us!

scenery on the back 9
In the evening we drive into the nearby town of Bisbee for dinner at one of it's many restaurants.   Hey Steve and MonaLiza, I had Klinker Brick last night!

 Life is good!

Lewis enjoys his time here also.   His Gramma Pamma and that man of Gramma Pamma are right out side Beluga's window and he knows it.

they're up, they're up, can I go over, can I, can I?

He watches until their door opens - to him that means they're open for business.  He gets to race over and play ball with John and gets all the treats he can eat from Gramma Pamma, and also get plenty of pets and affection.    What more could a guy ask for?

he comes home exhausted


  1. Ahhhh, Lewis is a happy guy! Love the foursome shot!

  2. Great idea for a photo of the four of us!! Lots of good times with good friends:) So glad you are here!

  3. Klinker Brick makes me think you were dining at Cafe Roka. A glass of Klinker Brick Zin is always my choice when we have dinner there. :-) Looks like you're having a great time with Pam and John -- love all of the birdies!

  4. So did you like Klinker Brick?
    And you got a Parrot behind Beluga, how cool is that!
    I could tell Lewis is in heaven, his favorite grandparents are there to play with him.

  5. Love the parrot!! A most outstanding pic of the four of you :-))) This weather is so wonderful, can't believe we are having sunny skies instead of snow this year! Lewis looks really content.

  6. That looks like a feral Quaker Parakeet. They're native to South America, but many have escaped captivity. They do very well, even in cold climates.