Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday in Cave Creek Regional Park

Since Saturday was our last one in Tucson, MonaLiza invited us, along with Pam and John, Gay and Joe, and fellow bloggers we hadn't yet met, John and Sharon to their new site for her famous Lumpia.   Who could resist that!

Gay and Joe weren't able to join us, their sweet dog Dover was "indisposed" and they didn't want to leave her alone.

We sat outside and talked and ate and generally enjoyed one another's company until a large dark shadow flew over and stopped our conversation dead.  The birder's among us quickly got out camera's and binoculars.   The other's laughed at our instant reaction.

My camera wasn't up to the job of locating the distant shadow, but MonaLiza's was.

It was a huge Great Horned Owl perched on the tiny top of a columnar yew in the neighbor's backyard.   He put on a grand and noisy show for awhile until other pressing matters required his attention and he flew off.  

Once the excitement was over, we all picked up our conversation exactly where we left off.    Steve brought out his fire pit and we sat around it until the evening finally got too cold and we all headed home.

We were due to leave Tucson on Tuesday, but the weather guessers told us that it would be rainy from Monday night into Tuesday so we extended our stay by one day.

After a consultation with John, Dave used the extra time to finish the repairs on Beluga's electrical system. He picked a bag of oranges and lemons for the road and even managed to bring in a few branches of fragrant lemon blossoms for me.

Dave braved the thorny lemon stems to bring me a few blossoms...

 On Monday we accompanied John and Pam on a pleasant 2 mile hike through the very green desert of the Tucson mountains.        

we try not to comment on John's inexpensive hiking poles.....

We hiked the Camaro Loop in the Robles trail system in the Tucson mountains.   We stopped to listen to the bird song and admire the cactus and ready to blossom bushes along the trail.

an original low rider?

After our hike Pam and John took us to the Barrio Brewery so Dave could have a Sonoran Hot dogs,  he's heard so much about them since we've been in Tucson.   He pronounced it "good".....but that is from someone who hasn't met a hot dog he doesn't like!

Wednesday we packed up and left Tucson, drove through the crazy Phoenix traffic and are now at a beautiful and peaceful Cave Creek site.

view from site 27

Lewis is also enjoying his big back yard.

"losing" his toy in the rug is all part of his game


  1. Oh how cool...Great Horned Owl. Awesome.
    Dave's the man!
    Lewis is a hoot. Enjoy!

  2. Tucson was fun, but the peace of a regional park is so restorative!

  3. We really enjoyed watching hot air balloons from our site last year. They were up everyday we were there. Love how they add color to all the green. Good to see Lew wrestling with the mat! A fun game for sure:)

  4. Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful last couple of days in Tucson with good friends. Love the owl sighting and photo! We'd have our binoculars and cameras out, too. :-)) Your new site at Cave Creek looks so beautiful and peaceful. p.s. Did you decide to go to Silver City?

  5. It was great being neighbors with you, Dave and Lewis last month. Love your new site...and I can see Lewis is having a grand time!

  6. Sherry in MT3/5/17, 6:18 PM

    Great pictures and now you are parked not far from my Mom's place

  7. Beautiful owl!! Looks like a fun hike - the green is so amazing this year. Did you get Dave that snazzy car after the lovely citrus blossoms???? Love #27's view, and Lewis' joy. That second pic of him is a riot!!

  8. It was our lucky day, for since then the owl has not showed up but we can hear him! That happy hour was a record, four hours!
    I like Cave Creek RP and hope you meet the Michelin Man out there. If you stroll in the shops in Carefree, a crested saguaro is in the midst of the garden, which Pam missed last year.