Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A day with Lew

lie down.....look at the can go in the creek in a minute

Lewis is a wonderful companion.   He makes us laugh, he's always happy and cheerful (except when children ride bicycles or scooters or skateboards anywhere in his view), he's happy to stay home and snooze quietly while we are out sightseeing for hours and hours, or he's thrilled to "go for a ride" when we are going somewhere he can join us.   When we hike with him he stays right with us, never ranging far ahead or straying off the trail.   He's ready to do whatever we ask, whenever we ask it.

he's often a very silly boy

In other words, he's a joy to live with...absolutely.  In this lifestyle he's totally at our mercy, we lead him around by his neck and tell him where to go and when to "go".   He's fine with that.   Because he's so very agreeable, we try, as often as we can, to take him places where he can run free, sniff what he wants to sniff, look at what he wants to see, walk as slow or run as fast as he wants.

Yesterday we loaded him in the jeep and went looking for places to let him just be a dog.     We walked along Bear Creek, then a few miles along the Continental Divide Trail and finally on the Little Walnut Picnic Area trails (a stellar birding location).  We didn't really see any birds because of his racing and crashing about, but we did hear plenty so next time we're in the area we'll go there without the boy.

tender spring grass is sooooo tasty

hustle hustle hustle

don't be scared mom, I'll kill this right away

no birds ahead dad, I checked

Tonight we're in Las Cruces for one overnight before dropping down into Texas and beginning our journey east.


  1. Lewis reminds me of a big kid. What a hoot.

  2. Lewis is awesome! And you are awesome puppy parents!

  3. Lewis has great parents! What a lucky handsome boy.

  4. Now in Kevin's words, this is what a blog should be like! Love, love a whole Lewis post!! He is a wonderful, sweet, happy boy. He did a nice job lying down and waiting patiently for you to take your darn photo. What a special day for our boy:)

  5. When I die, I would like to come back as Lewis.

  6. I have two of these amazing dogs/babies. My girl is a smaller version of Lew and my big boy is a cafe au lait parti. I show NOT! LOL Cannot imagine life without them. Love watching Lew have adventures. My two do with my contract work, hotel though, not nearly as fun as his. Soon though..... I will continue watching you and yours have fun in the meantime.