Sunday, December 10, 2017

Catalina State Park

The day we were scheduled to leave Usery Mountain Regional Park the winds kicked up.   You know how we hate to drive in high winds, it's hard to keep Beluga between the lines and we've had way too much experience with various awnings unrolling as we're moving down the road.

Dave battens down the hatches before we leave Usery

So, as part of our breaking camp routine, Dave put pins in all the awnings and slide topper to keep them neatly rolled up, no matter how strong the wind was.

We only had a short drive and the wind wasn't really a problem once we got on the road but better safe than sorry.

site B74

We love this park and we're happy with our site.   It's large and relatively private plus we have wonderful views of the mountains in front of us.   Watching the day's changing light playing over them is fascinating.

We tried to enjoy happy hour outside before we hung up our hummingbird feeders but that was a big mistake.

The little devils buzzed us relentlessly until we gave in, made some nectar and hung up our two feeders.

Dave levels the window feeder

a bad shot of a beautiful broad billed Hummingbird

I can never get the camera to focus fast enough to catch a good shot of them, but we enjoy watching them eat, defend and rest right outside our windows.

It's beginning to get chilly at night.   Twice so far Dave has has to unhook our water and bring the hose in to keep it from freezing.    One morning we noticed the hummingbirds sitting in the mesquite tree, not feeding like they usually do.

Evidently we needed to bring in the feeders at night also.   They were frozen solid and took some time in the sun to thaw enough to provide sustenance for the little guys.

The sun eventually thawed the nectar but we discovered the ice had cracked the feeder
so it needed to be replaced.

That's about it, we haven't done anything even remotely interesting yet.  We've hung up our Christmas lights, walked Lewis, enjoyed second cup, happy hour and our books outside but mostly we've driven between Costco, Trader Joe's, AJ's Fine Foods, Basha's, Walmart, the Post Office, Safeway, Wild Birds Unlimited, Camping World, Kohls, Sprouts, etc., etc. looking for, and sometimes finding, things on our Christmas list.

a beautiful Gulf Fritillary visits my marigolds

We'll see how next week goes, there are so many Jeep roads to explore......


  1. Brrrr! Freezing temps are not good. Luckily the water keeps us a little warmer at night. We tried to go to Costco on afternoon and left. Not a parking spot to be found. Can't imagine what the inside was like. I said we'll just pay the grocery store prices. You certainly have a beautiful view:) No Lewis photos!!

  2. Catalina is such a beautiful park, I'm hoping we can get back there this winter. Beautiful light on the mountains. I would never have thought to move the feeders to avoid freezing! That sounds like a lot of running around!! We don't do presents anymore except for the grandbabies, but I do enjoy taking in a few shops to see all the holiday decor and hear the carols. Your last pic looks more like Spring :-))

  3. Now you've got me really looking forward to our stay at Catalina in Feb!

  4. Oh!! Broad-billed Hummingbirds!!! We're setting up our feeders this morning and hope we'll have some of those little flying jewels visit us, too. Looking forward to seeing you three. :-)))

  5. Sounds like a great lifestyle! Cindy

  6. In the south end of Tucson, we do not see the broadbill hummers, only Anna's. Interesting.... And yes, we would like photos of Lewis, please.

  7. Glad to see you are enjoying Catalina State Park; Howard and I love this gorgeous state park. Glad to see my little friends are being well taken care of!! Enjoy!

  8. The broadbilled hummer was the catalyst that I met Sheila at Wolfsong! But I was too busy with other things and could not get a good shot of the beautiful hummer. Perhaps when we get back to Tucson we will see them.
    That's too cold!

  9. How lucky to have so many hummers! Those of us in winter are jealous!