Sunday, December 3, 2017

Last few days at Usery

It's Sunday already and I don't know where the time has gone.   We haven't been doing anything wildly exciting but still time passes quickly.

Last week we took Lewis down to the Salt River for a nice walk and some play time.    Our destination was the nearby Foxtail recreation and picnic area but there were people there so we left and moved to the other side of the river at Sheep's Crossing.   The road in was closed so we parked along the road and walked in.  It looks as if this area has been closed for some time as there were weeds growing around all the picnic ramadas and many old piles of horse manure in the parking lot.

Perfect for us!

There was quite a bit of vegetation to get through before we got to the water but we were rewarded by a beautiful and private section of the river, and we had it all to ourselves.     We thought. 

Lewis had a ball potching around in the water and we enjoyed the solitude.

Although it was very quiet and there were no people in sight, we had the feeling we were being watched.

A small band of obviously related wild horses was watching us with great interest.    They didn't approach or even come close, but they did keep us in sight as we moved along. 

Eventually they realized we were no threat so they waded into the river, belly deep, and had a nice long drink.

They were part of the area's Salt River herd and we've noticed them in the distance from time to time over the years.     We were so fortunate to be able to watch them up close in their "home".

When we got back we took advantage of the warm sunshine to bathe and clip our shaggy, muddy poodle.

the mowing begins

all done, isn't he dear...

On Thursday we drove to Fountain Hills to meet Dave's cousin Kathi and her husband Jeff.   They just moved into their new home there and we enjoyed getting the tour of it and their beautiful new fifth wheel.     The four of us had dinner together before we headed home.   I have no pictures, I didn't remember my camera!

Yesterday our friends Linda and Dave drove their new Roadtrek (DT for Down Time) to Usery and set up in site 29.    We had happy hour under their awning  after being properly introduced to DT and their sweet SilkyTerrier, Ruby Jane.


little Miss Ruby Jane keeps her eye on us

Dave and Dave trouble shot a water problem they are having before settling down for G&T's all around.

Linda listens, Ruby dozes

After dark we moved back to Beluga for dinner.    This morning Dave, Linda and Ruby walked over for second cup before they packed up and headed home at check out time.

just look at that face!

We've really enjoyed our time here and especially our large, quiet site.   Lots of time has been spent just bird watching and reading.

Mr. Verdin spent lots of time peering in at us and pecking at the window
He never said what he wanted.....

  We never tire of the view.


and moon rise

We leave here on Tuesday morning, heading for a two week stay Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson.


  1. Some lovely shots here, Sue. The horses are beautiful, you were so fortunate to see them. I've never seen them when we've been on the outskirts of Phoenix.

    Such a cute photo of the Verdin!

  2. That water is so calm and pretty, and that's a really rocky shore! Love the horses. They look very healthy! Lewis looks so handsome all clean and shorn. Nice of the Saquaro to try and help the guys :-) Your skies have been so pretty there. I'm looking forward to a week in the desert coming up!!

  3. Thanks for the desert photos. We just loved our time in Usery too.

  4. Beautiful photos of a lovely area, thanks for sharing them with us. Love Mr. Lewis, so handsome. Enjoy your stay at Catalina State Park!

  5. Very special to catch those horses nearby...and to see them in the river. They look in good weight.
    Yes, Lewis is a dear, dear boy!
    Glad Dave got to exercise his troubleshooting skills.

  6. You certainly can see the family resemblance in the horse family:) What beauties! That was a special treat for your efforts in finding a spot alone. So nice to Lew enjoying time at the river. He looks so handsome after his spa treatment. I vote him Best in Show! Definitely a gorgeous spot:) I love your opening photo of the reflection on the river. Reflections are my favorite.

  7. Looks to me like you've done a lot and are enjoying the time. Lewis looks AWESOME! I'll bring my poodles down for their next groom (don't tell Dave). haha