Monday, May 7, 2018

Chatfield State Park

Yesterday we had a hard drive from Carbondale, Colorado to Chatfield State Park, just south of Denver proper.

High on Dave's list of drives he doesn't look forward to is I-70 east from Glenwood Springs.    The road is narrow, construction makes it even narrower, and the road is in poor condition.    Because of Beluga's size (no comments please, she's sensitive about her weight) our travel is restricted to the right lane, as are all trucks.   Chain usage, weather and heavy weight have made the lane deeply rutted and full of holes.   It took all Dave's concentration and skill to keep Beluga between the lines. 

Along that stretch of highway we encounter two long, high elevation passes that require paying close attention to engine temperature, RPM's, and gear selection. 

We stopped at Vail pass for a break and lunch.  Snow.    There wasn't any snow on the road, thank goodness, but everything else was pretty much snowbound. 

It was pretty to look at, but the melting snow along the sides of the highway made Beluga and the Jeep filthy, including the windows. 

And.....because of the road condition and potholes,  Beluga now smells like a Chinese restaurant.      It could be worse, but it makes my mouth water every time I open the door.

Beluga took a deep hole just the wrong way and 3 cupboards flew open, spewing their contents all over the floor.     The last time this happened we were in Mexico, 16 years ago so I guess I shouldn't really complain.   But, did the new bottle of sesame oil HAVE to tip, open and empty it's contents over the plants in the sink.....did it have to do that?

trying to air out the foliage outside on the picnic table

I cleaned up everything in the kitchen, put things back in their places and rinsed off as much of the oil as I could from the plants.    Their soil was soaked though, I hope it doesn't smother them.....time will tell.

So, we're here at Chatfield State Park, we'll stay for 2 weeks to visit with Jesse and Erin before turning east toward our Lake.    We have a great site, A6, and are surrounded by birds.   Spring has sprung and the birds know it.   We have a nest of Magpies right off our sitting area and we are having a ball watching Western Kingbirds, Robins, Chipping Sparrows, Bluebirds and very loud Meadowlarks go about courting and making nests as we enjoy second cup and happy hour outside.

Beautiful and fragrant White Locoweed is blooming on some of the hillsides, but it's beauty belies it's real nature.   It is very poisonous to horses, cattle, even elk and is a real enemy to ranchers throughout the west.

I've passed this information along to Mr. David's A-1 Professional Posy Pinchers lest they show up at my door with a nosegay of White Locoweed.     In response, I was handed a beautiful bouquet of fragrant and decidedly non poisonous lilacs liberated from behind an empty building next to Safeway. 



  1. Oh, no! The trip from hell! It must have seemed like it went on forever. And sesame oil of all things...yuck! You need the China Bistro near by. Thank goodness the oil poured into the sink. My oil is over the table and then would have run onto the floor! Glad you made it and are settled into a lovely site and seeing Jesse and Erin:) Life is good:) You can tell it is spring here, as well. The birds are so loud. Tonight they were really yelling at each other. It is hard to believe they can be so loud. One couple really had quite the spat. I believe "he" was late for dinner!! Haha! Have a great time with Jesse and Erin. Tell them hello and take Tanner a treat for me:)

  2. Sesame oil!!! I am sure it landed in the sink and not on the carpet because you learned from Mexico what oily items to put above the sink (just in case.) Good planning and I imagine the plants will survive. But, what about Ms Beluga? Was she stuff the next day? Good thing she can rest for two weeks before the final push eastward. Looking forward to posts about the kids and dogs!

  3. Argh, sesame oil can't be good for those plants! What a drag...I suppose it's good it went in the sink instead of on the carpet though! Drives like that really test ones patience and make you worry what else may have rattled loose!

    Thank goodness for a lovely site with wildlife to ease your nerves!

  4. That is some deep snow!! I remember how filthy we got driving through melted snow and road mud in LA, yuk :-( Nice that you have a perfect spot for two weeks after the drive from hell. How sad the locoweed is poisonous, it's so pretty. So many references there......

  5. Oh no!! Nothing worse than a bottle of oil spilling—but thank goodness it didn't land onto carpet or furniture. Can you bungee your cupboard doors together? We do that for the overhead cabinets. But I always keep oils and vinegars in a bin below the sink, just in case. I started bungeeing the overhead cabinets a few years ago when ours sprang open and all of our dishes hit the floor.
    Enjoy your peaceful, bird and flower-filled site and your time with Jesse and Erin!

  6. Well, thank goodness you have a very nice spot to rest and call home for a couple of weeks while you visit with Jesse and Erin. I am pretty sure we all have stories to tell about cabinets flying open. We once had the pyrex dishes fly out from an overhead cabinet, hit the countertop and shatter glass all over the floor. It was pouring rain outside so we had to pick up all 4 pups and carry them to the bedroom to lock up while we cleaned a huge mess ! Anyhow, I just know all will be forgotten soon or at least seem alot less stressful...enjoy !