Friday, November 30, 2018


Beluga on the beach as seen from the Casino Ferry

We're at the end of our stay here at Lake Havasu State Park.   We leave in the morning.

To mark the occasion they held a wonderful Holiday Boat Parade tonight!

the Fireboat led the parade

my favorite

We sat on our beach chairs in the sand along the channel and watched at least 50 brightly lit boats glide by, all playing cheery Christmas music.    The perfect end to a lovely, relaxing stay.


  1. What a fun way to usher in the holiday season! Love the boat with Santa and his reindeer. :-)

  2. They do have the best boat parade. Definitely enjoyed the music. Glad you had a good spot to watch all the boats:) The boat parade here on Lake Mead was just okay. Lots of boats but only a few had a lot of lights. Since the boats were so far from the shore, there wasn't any music. Kind of strange. Safe travels to SD!! Kevin flew in there tonight. His first time handling the landing. He'll be there until noon.

  3. Our Havasu friends are very active in the committee responsible for the boat parade. They have so much fun with their boating friends!