Sunday, November 11, 2018

Usery to Cave Creek

site 5 at Usery 

We enjoyed our 8 day stay at Usery Mountain Regional Park.   We enjoyed the quiet views (well, we could sometimes hear the gunfire from the nearby Usery Pass Shooting Range),  our private site, the bird life, the beautiful sunsets, the ability to wander the desert and potch in the river at our leisure, the windows open, great sleeping, cool nights and the warm and sunny days.




why does Dave keep throwing this perfect stick away?

he knows I'll only bring it back again, why does he keep throwing it away?

dry Sycamore Creek

so green

"a fun little wash" says the trail map

it has a huge looking drop off though......oh my

Dave slides down and to check it out....piece of cake he says.

cholla, ocotillo and a wonky Saguaro

We're used to seeing road signs shot up as we drive on small or dirt roads out here.     Some are destroyed rather creatively.

This time we saw lots of pumpkins in this condition on our ride through the desert.   Something novel to shoot at when one gets weary of stationary metal signs. 

where jack o lanterns end up after Halloween

On our last evening, we shared dinner at our site with a great RV couple, Laura and Kevin.   They were staying at McDowell Mountain (another wonderful Maricopa County Regional Park).   We had hardware store return to make in that area so we decided to meet them there have them follow us back to Usery via the scenic (non-GPS) way along the Bush Highway.    We've been seeing a lot of the Salt River band of wild horses in the area and I was hoping to show Laura and Kevin the beauties.   Of course, the horses were no shows in all the regular spots, but the ride was as beautiful as always.

a nice kayaking spot on Saguaro Lake

Pictures of mountains, pictures of water, pictures of Beluga, pictures of birds, pictures of Lewis, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.    Pictures of nice people, friends, dinner guests? no, no, no.....sorry.    I'm always too busy talking and listening and eating and drinking to remember to take photos!    Laura and Kevin were off for Las Vegas in the morning and we had an appointment with site 27 at Cave Creek Regional Park but we hope to see them again in San Diego later this year.   yay!

Since our habit is to try and lay low on weekends we haven't done anything exciting since we arrived.   Well, except for meeting dear friends Dave and Linda at a nearby BBQ spot last night.   That qualifies for something exciting!   We only get to see them once a year or so when we circle through this area so we had a lot to talk about, as usual. 

 Today is a football, NASCAR, blog, cooking day for Dave and I,  so poor Lewis is bored. 

Don't feel sorry for him, there will be steak bits in his dinner tonight....


  1. I am totally impressed at the terrain Dave is willing to drive that Jeep over. Great bird pictures, too.

  2. Love seeing Lewis out with you for the day. Can't wait to take him on an adventure. Sweet that you were able to catch up with Laura and Kevin. Looks like a neat Jeep road.

  3. THe desert is such a luscious green this year! Beautiful!

  4. Well, if it makes you feel any better, the only pictures I took that night were of Lewis hanging out with Kevin. Looks like we both failed on that front! But, it was a great night nonetheless and we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out. Safe travels and we'll see you in a couple weeks!

  5. Oh, the desert looks so beautiful and lush! We'll be there in a month! So fun that you got to meet up with Laura and Kevin, and yes, socializing is far more important than taking photos (although I do enjoy seeing photos of friends :-). Love the cute photos of Lew in the water.

  6. Im going to miss the Sonoran Desert, especially now when it is soo green! I too would have love to see Laura and Kevin, wished I was there to take people pictures :)
    Thanks Sue :)

  7. I'm so glad I had read about your time at Usury so we could stay there and explore the area in the Spring! Love your wonky Saguaro :-)) From water play to a peaceful nap, Lewis is so adorable.