Monday, November 12, 2018

this afternoon

It was very windy all night and this morning we decided to pull in the slide to keep the topper from making nasty noises as it tried to flap. 

Our living space is a little cramped in that position so, after lunch, we took Lewis out to Bartlett Lake for a little ride and walk along the water.   We took a bit of an unplanned turn and went off in the wrong direction for a few miles but eventually found our way to the lake.

We were surprised to find the water as low as it was.   It isn't unusual for these dammed river lakes to be low at certain times of the year, but we had just been to Saguaro Lake (a few days ago) and it was quite full.

Since this was a holiday Monday we expected lots of people fishing or boating but were happily surprised to find ourselves virtually alone.

That's all I have to say about our afternoon, but here are a few pictures.

the spiders that weave these webs have a built-in food source

they're set up to catch all the bugs hanging around the waterfront

Lew and Dave explore, high and low

he doesn't want to leave me behind so he keeps checking back to see if I'm coming


  1. I am sure Lew was very excited to get out and about with his people. I love how you got several photos of him coming back to check on you. He gets the miles in keeping track of everyone. I just had two of those grass bushes put in out front. They are so cool looking.

  2. Thanks for bringing some well-needed sunshine into our dreary way here in Ohio. I love seeing the photos of the cacti.

  3. Those webs are wonderful!! Nature is just amazing. And how lucky we are to have the time and pace to see these unique master pieces.

  4. Love that last photo of Lew running to check on you! What a sweet boy. :-))