Tuesday, June 11, 2019

every night......without fail

We are both fairly "scheduled" people but we try to break out and shake things up when we can.      One of us, however, lives for his scheduled entertainments.

When we are finished with dinner and have cleared the table we notice that Lewis is not present.    We look at each other and smile.   As you all probably know, he is ALWAYS present, always right with us.    Where could he be?

We know where he is.   He's always there after dinner, waiting quietly.   To humor him we call his name and pretend we don't know where he is - he knows we know - he doesn't answer.

He is on the landing of the stairs leading to the basement - with one eye on the upstairs door.     If we don't "notice" him, he changes position loudly.

When Dave finally gives in and shows himself the screaming begins.   He screams as Dave descends the stairs, he screams while Dave takes the fishing pole down from the basement rafters, he screams as they walk to the dock. 

He loves to fish.    As Dave casts Lewis weaves back and forth beneath his feet.  No more screams, just intense concentration on the surface of the water.

Sometimes they catch something, sometimes not.   It doesn't matter, it's the game.    AND, sometimes they catch the big one!


does it bite?

Sometimes Dave lets him see the fish, up close, sometimes even sniff it carefully before he unhooks and lets it go back into the lake.

it smells fishy

back in the lake!

And that's how it goes, every evening.   We're glad we can make him happy.

Now, for something completely different - last night, the boat arrived!    Once again it was graciously offered and gratefully accepted, let summer begin!

our hybrid mamma duck and her 10 babies photo bombed my picture!


  1. Now this is a great blog with the star the center of the post!! Lew does have his routine. That was a big prize dad caught for Lew. What a night! Good to see you got the boat back. Let summer begin!

  2. Yay! You have a boat! That is so cool. Lewis is just hysterical with his routine.

  3. Priceless Lew - what a great joy he is. Thanks so much for sharing his evening antics.

  4. Lewis is one smart dude! Too cute :)
    This is my nth attempt to post a comment :(

  5. Success! my comment was posted! Yeah!

  6. You could blog about nothing but Lewis and I would be completely content. The Grand Canyon is great and all, but give me fluffy, happy puppy any day of the week and I'll be more than happy.

  7. Hahaha, Lewis loves to fish! What a riot! I can hardly wait to witness this ritual in person. Tomorrow. :-))
    Fingers crossed for good weather....

  8. Wonderful blog post!!!!! I love Lew!