Friday, November 29, 2019

Day by day

Our time here is passing, day by day.   We leave on Monday, continuing our southward movement.

We haven't done anything noteworthy, or blogworthy, really.    Each day there is some combination of relaxing, reading, beach walking, eating, strolling around this beautiful campground and playing with the curly dog.   Pleasant way to spend our time but not much to read about.   Here are a few random photos.

drive to the beach

snooze on the beach

Pinckney Island NWR

a caped inhabitant of the Ibis Pond

we were enjoying our stroll around the pond until we spotted this big guy.....

Charlie's l'etoile verte - another Monday night appointment!

Thanksgiving morning view

this beautiful Red Shouldered Hawk did his Thanksgiving shopping at our site - what a sight!

tryptophan overload


  1. Sounds like a little bit of heaven on earth to me! That is exactly what beach time is for! What a lucky day to have a Red Shouldered Hawk visit for Thanksgiving. What a gorgeous bird. Love the picture of Lew...a familiar sight around our house to find a dog or two or three snoozing on the bed! That’s a beautiful site and setting for your stay in Hilton Head! I wouldn’t want to leave! Nice collection of random pictures...

  2. A great Thanksgiving feast - a red shouldered hawk! At least a bit of a feast for the camera. You've found a nice spot at the beach and some great weather. Continued safe enjoyable travels!

  3. Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy Hilton Head. It's nice that you finally got the sunshine you deserve after your cold, wet start. You found some interesting items to photograph. The hawk is beautiful. What a great visitor. Lew looks so adorable. I love how he always puts hie head on a pillow.

  4. It looks absolutely idyllic. Love the photo of Dave snoozing on that peaceful beach, all of your wildlife photos (the turtle wearing a cape, LOL), and turkey-sated Lew. I'm hoping we'll have some time like this in Apalachicola this winter.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful! Glad you're getting some lovely sunshine. The turtle with his cape is delightful :-)) I'm definitely getting hitch itch for new places!

  6. That alligator certainly seems well fed. I would have "noped!" right outta there too. A couple days of doin nothing sounds pretty fabulous to me. And your campground looks great. Glad to hear the weather gods are finally being nice again.

  7. It's about this time of the year when travellers are weary :) and a day or days on the beach is what the body needs.
    Even the hairy one needs some nap time too!