Tuesday, March 31, 2020

day by day

I have nothing exciting to report on, that's a very good thing lately.    Days are passing one at a time.    Our routine isn't much different than normal, except that we don't run to the grocery store as often.

We've gone out for a couple Jeep rides to look for wildflowers and just generally blow out the cobwebs that develop when we sit in one spot too long.

One day we (I) decided to take the back way into Willow Beach on the Colorado River.   I was needing to "get to the water" as I often am.     The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is officially closed (at least in Nevada), the entry gates are turning vehicles away.    We can't get to Lake Mead or even drive around it so Willow Beach (in Arizona) sounded like the next best option.

Lots of flowers along the way.   

Enough flowers?    Here's what happened part way through our drive.....   We came to a section of road that is usually washed out.   It's always that way, but this time it seemed worse.     We got out and filled one section of the wash out with rocks so we'd be able to get through the area.

The other option to avoid the broken area was by going up the side of the hill and around it.   I hate getting tippy......hate it.    So, Dave decided to go the "filling the hole with rocks" option.


The rocks slid out from under the tire and as they did, so did Rocky!     I immediately began looking for something to hook our winch on to pull us out, but Dave calmly got back in, put the transmission in 4 wheel low and slowly backed the Jeep out of the hole.    I'm so glad I bring him along!

enough excitement for one day, we headed back the way we came

So....a nice, flower filled ride, a bit of excitement and a nice, flower filled ride back home with no wading in the River.    Ah well, we have plenty of time for that.


  1. That's why Jeeps are the choice vehicle for most Off-Roaders. Glad you got out of the pinch.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I recall the winch was added for self recovery for situations like that. Have to be independent on those back trails alone. With all of Anza Borrego now closed we won't be seeing any wildflowers this year. Thanks for sharing yours!
    Stay safe and stay healthy

  3. Uh-oh is right!! Yes, it is a very good thing that you allow Dave to come along on your adventures, LOL. You saw so many gorgeous flowers! Thanks for the beauty.