Friday, June 5, 2015

Thursday - wild night

Yesterday started off sunny and warm.   We were able to sit outside for second cup, something we all enjoy.    Dave has a juicy cold and isn't feeling his best, so as soon as I went back inside Beluga he fell sound asleep in the sun.   Sasha joined him but Lewis took the role of "watch goose", keeping his eyes open for any danger to the sleeping beauties....

The weather reports were ominous as we prepared to drive up toward Jesse's house to help him start the process of moving into their new Denver rental house.

storm clouds beginning to peak out from behind the foothills

Ugh Oh....
We managed to get a couple carloads from the apartment to the house and put away.

The basement stairs are cleverly hidden behind the refrigerator, to maximize the space in the house's little kitchen!  The frig. sits on a roll-out pallet which allows it to be easily slid out of place when basement access is needed.   Pretty neat solution!

After our pizza dinner we headed back to Golden, hoping to arrive before the storm did.     The sky was black in our direction but the rain didn't start until we got home.  

Denver's skyline with its back to the black sky of an oncoming storm

 We managed to get the dogs out and settled before the most intense electrical storm we've ever seen moved over us.   Lightning flashed constantly in every direction.  It was really something to experience.  We kept a close eye on the radar, watching this storm move away, then move back over us.  Our county was one of the several that were under severe thunderstorm watches,  flash flood watches and even tornado watches.     It rained on and off, but the light show was incredible.  Hail started as we climbed into bed and I gave up on watching tv as the noise on Beluga's roof was just incredible.   Luckily it was short lived and we awoke this morning to tv news reports showing  tornadoes that struck north of us and plow able hail left on some Denver city streets!    It was a wild night...

Today (with the same weather forecast) we're going back to continue the move.  Stay tuned.


  1. I've never seen anything like this in my life, of course San Diego doesn't prepare one for this magnitude of nature! It's wild and exciting and scary, and I belive I can live without hail and tornadoes!!!!!

  2. We both really lucked out last night after seeing what some areas had to feal with. I love that photo of Denver's skyline. The colors are so bright. Great photo:)

  3. Oh yeah felt it and watched it. Steve and I went outside for a few minutes and watched the light show. But I did not last long, I was a little scared.

  4. Wow....impressive clouds! Be safe.

  5. Oh my goodness. So glad y'all are safe. Some of this weather our country has been having this spring is amazing. Good luck with the move.

  6. Bummer for David to be moving when not feeling great. Love the basement door :-) I can't decide if the storms sound more scary or more wonderful - glad you made it through with not damage.