Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, a very quick recap from a very tired mother.....

So, here I am again.   We had a very busy, exciting, exhausting, emotional, and generally wonderful week.

We moved into a great rental house in Boulder, near Chautauqua.   We met family at the airport, picked up friends at the airport, hosted a Welcome dinner for 70 at Chautauqua, Boulder, visited with dear long time friends at the house, helped set up for The Wedding at Riverbend in Lyons, CO, attended the wedding, walked Jesse's dog, Ruby, down the aisle, tried not to blubber as we listened to Jesse and Erin's heartfelt and eloquent vows, talked and laughed afterward.    The day after the wedding (Saturday), Dave went back up to Lyons to break down, then later in the day we fed and enjoyed the company of probably 60 friends and family at the house.    After a good night's sleep we took our houseguests/wonderful friends  back to the airport for their flights home.

Sunday afternoon Lewis wondered where everyone went?   He loved having a hand to pet him whenever he wanted....who wouldn't?

Our week in a very small nutshell.    I'll blog more later this week but for now I'm still reeling.

  Tomorrow we leave Golden after being here since the end of April.     Its been a wonderful time, we've seen a lot and spent good, quality time with our only child and his beautiful bride.  

Rifle Gap State Park is our Wednesday destination.  No internet there.   On to Vernal on Thursday and I don't know what the "connection" situation is there so wait for me?

Here are a few pictures from our busy week.....

Lewis uses the high ground to keep track
of "his guests"

Dave and Judi enjoy 1st cup

brotherly love

Family/friends at the Welcome party

Wedding morning kouign Aman...mmmmm

father and son

Dave and Barb S

Our happy couple

beautiful venue

Jesse's Ruby waiting for her wedding collar of greenery

Erin's Kikan outside the "girl's" tent

family visitor outside our Boulder house

Lewis doesn't know I'm watching him
select things from the kid's toy box....

Saturday's farewell party recycling bin....
Yep, we all had a good time!


  1. Glad that everything went well! See you guys in Vernal! We will be there Wednesday 9/23 for 5 days. Safe Travels!

  2. What fun! I am sure you and Dave were bursting with pride:) Can't wait to hear all about it and see more photos. Now sit back and relax:) See you real soon!

  3. Ha ha, just saw Hans comment and of course read your itinerary! Glad to see you survived The Wedding and had a wonderful time!

    Looking forward to seeing you two and the furry ones!

  4. Wow that was a busy weekend!! Such a beautiful venue, I'm glad the weather was picture perfect for the special day. Lewis knows what he likes :-) Safe travels.

  5. I was thinking "the Wedding" had happened by now and it looks and sounds like it was MARVELOUS! Now some rest and just recalling all the wonderful visitors and memories! Give Lew a big hug from us and glad he was able to keep a lid on everything! LOL