Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Valley of The Rogue State Park

site F-28 with water and electric

We're settled into site F-28 at Valley of the Rogue State Park off I-5 near Grants Pass, Oregon.     After being at the cool and green coast for quite a long time, coming inland is a real awakening.    We realize it really is August, hot, dry, tan, August.   The grass here is crispy where irrigation doesn't reach and its very hot.
It seems odd not having strong winds try to take us away when we step out of Beluga.

Our drive today was only about 145 miles but most of them were on a very twisty, jiggy road with no shoulders so it wasn't an easy drive.   Not easy especially when facing an oncoming log truck or oversize load.    On a good day Lewis doesn't really enjoy it when his "house" makes noise and lumbers down the road.   He likes it best when we turn the engine off and open those slides.
Today's drive challenge for Dave was trying to keep Beluga between the rumble strips (we call them grumble strips) cut into both the yellow center line and the white shoulder line.   For most people getting close to those strips, feeling the warning rumble and hearing the growl isn't a real problem, we all veer onto them at one point or another on narrow winding roads.      It really frightens Lewis though, so Dave is always as careful as he can be to avoid them.    Today it was almost impossible and consequently Lew had a tense ride.

Lewis feels he must remain vigilant while Beluga is moving, who knows what could happen if he
lowered his head long enough to eat that little cookie on his paw.....

Every time we hear that rumble noise I try to drop a tiny cookie for Lewis, hoping to help him associate the sound with something good happening.   Today he'd have nothing to do with the goodies.   I put one on his paw and he rode with it there, untouched, for miles, Poor Baby.

When we stop for lunch he gets his spirit back.   Bouncing around Beluga, looking out the windows and smiling happily in hopes that we'll get the hint and stay where we are.

Can't have it his way all the time, can he.....After lunch at the 7 Feathers Casino rest area we drove the last leg of our trip and pulled into Valley of the Rogue State Park around 3.    We were all happy to get here and settle in.    Its a nice park with good separation between sites and the Rogue River running along behind the campground.   A little busier than I'd like, but I realize it is summertime, sigh.     We'll be here for 6 days before moving a short distance to Ashland.


  1. Poor Lew! Too not enjoy the cookie, he was really concerned. I don't like those rumble strips either. Having them in the center and side would be very tough. Glad you all made it safely:) Sure is brown where you are! Yes, summer is really happening now (Dave is probably thrilled with the heat). I am so ready for the heat to be over. Enjoy your six days inland:)

  2. We are heading in opposite directions. :-( You guys may have even drove right by our rv park along the Umpqua river. Enjoy your time at Valley of the Rogue and Ashland. We head to Armitage Park in Eugene on Monday and will work our way north. Safe travels!

  3. That is a pretty area in the trees, I wondered about the campground being big enough to navigate to a spot - now I know! Poor Lewis, I'm not a fan of those rumbles either - make my arms jiggle on the steering wheel :-))))) Glad he bounced back when the wheels stopped rolling. Stay cool!!

  4. Lew will be back to himself in no time - glad you are staying put for a few days so he (and Dave) can recover. Good work with the cookies - maybe steak will work better next time - LOL!

  5. Oh Lewis! poor baby.
    I think the cookie did not work and Lewis is smarter for not even touching it. He is just riding it out.

  6. Oh, poor Lewis. I don't like those rumble strips, either. They're impossible to avoid when you're driving those twisty roads from the coast inland, though. I hope you enjoy your stay along the Rogue River! We love cooling off in the river on those hot August days.