Friday, November 25, 2016


We had a nice and quiet Thanksgiving, as we like it.   We cooked.    We watched the Macy's parade (I wish they'd show us more marching bands and balloons and less of the Broadway productions, but that's just me) and then the National Dog Show.

delicate surgery
Mr. David's Culinary Service, A-1 Turkey Customizing Division, sent one of their best men (with his trusty Leatherman) over to help us re-shape our turkey breast so that it would fit into the crockpot.

we all love to watch the dog show on Thanksgiving

We decided to throw caution to the wind and forgo our more formal habit of eating meals across from each other at the dining room table in favor of a casual lunch in front of the television.   We're such devils.

We enjoyed second cup and happy hour outside in the sun.    In between we read.

We've been married 46 years and for 46 years we've made the traditional turkey dinner - sometimes just for the immediate family, sometimes for a number of people.    I'm not being boastful when I say that these dinners have always been fine, good,  even.     This year, in the spirit of whimsy, we had a turkey AND a gravy malfunction.    I'll say no more.


  1. You are such rebels! Eating in front of the TV! I love Lew's concentration on the Dog Show:)

    Having a turkey AND gravy malfunction isn't fun. Glad you weren't having dinner for a crowd:)

    I like your little trees:)

  2. It's a good thing there were only the three of you with those malfunctions! There is nothing predictable about what goes on in the kitchen...despite years of experience!

  3. Glad there was shrimp available as backup :-)

  4. Haha, I noticed the shrimp, too! Looks like the boys had fun watching the dog show. :-)