Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday - BCA

    I forgot to tell you that I had a lovely phone call from Dianna on Thanksgiving.   She's the wonderful Canadian woman who received the first guide dog we ever managed to produce.    His name was Pilgrim (as you may have guessed, he was born on Thanksgiving).    He's been gone quite awhile now but he lived a long and productive life with Dianna and was very loved by everyone who met him.   We've talked every Thanksgiving since he went to live and work with her.    This year we laughed and talked about our two poodles.    Her current guide dog is a big apricot standard poodle named Gibson who is a real individual.    Although she's mad about him, he proves quite a challenge as a guide, having problems letting a cat pass without giving strong pursuit.     We made plans to visit Dianna and her husband and meet crazy Gibson this summer when we're home.    

Our feeling of thankfulness continued as we made and received a few more phone calls from friends and family and caught up on each other's lives.

All the hubbub from the Holiday is over but the cool and rainy weather is not.
We spent Sunday inside decorating Beluga for the next big holiday and we're feeling quite cheery!

Today we ventured out for a bit of shopping and to get our overdue flu shots.

That's all I've got!    Here are a few pictures from our weekend around the Bay.

even fully blown I find these Thanksgiving tulips beautiful

rain brings rainbows

birds over and on 

waiting quietly

a  rare two headed Western Grebe floats by

even quiet sunsets are something to be thankful for

a sweet Redhead

Oh Lew......


  1. I've never seen a Standard Poodle as a guide dog. I guess Lew isn't a candidate:) But he does know how to smell the flowers:) He such a lover. John was checking your weather and it looks like you might have sunny days this week! You certainly deserve a lift from the grey clouds. Great photo of the two headed Western Grebe!

  2. Lovely photos. We do have so very much to be thankful for.

  3. Beautiful photos, especially those reflections on the water!

  4. We have much to be thankful for, indeed. Love Lewis enjoying the pretty tulips. Reminds me of someone else who travels with you....;-)

  5. Yep, I think Lewis has been watching his dad! Love your quiet waiter and the interesting Grebe. I don't know how I almost missed this post - thankful I didn't :-) Gibson sounds like a character, hope he learns to control his squirrel focus!