Friday, October 13, 2017


Some of you wondered if Mr. David's Office Supplies did my staple job.   No, I did call in Mr. David's Fastener and Emergency Closure Service, and their tech. did a valiant job of shaving and butterflying the wound.   In the end his efforts failed and he escorted me to Urgent Care.    He did try though.

I'm feeling fine and the staples peeking out from under my hair look like a little silver barrette, and I'm going with that.   It's a new look for me.

We had dinner at Jesse and Erin's house last night and today Dave and I took off for a little drive into the mountains.   We (I) forgot to take a map with us so we didn't get really creative on the National Forest roads but we did have an enjoyable time going off road once again.

beautiful Aspens have their feet in snow at higher elevations

The scenery was beautiful on the way home also.  Rolling foothills dotted with cattle and horse ranches with the mountains as a backdrop.

Pregnant or just well rounded?

As we approached Chatfield State Park on the way home, the late afternoon sun gave Denver's downtown buildings a rosy glow.

We'll meet Jesse and Erin at a neighborhood restaurant for dinner tonight.   It's so very nice to see them.


  1. Glad you are feeling all right:) I'm sure your little silver "hair clip" is adorable:)

    Good to see the mud on the Jeep!! The Denver skyline at sunset is beautiful. Have a wonderful time enjoying dinner with Jesse and Erin!

  2. The aspens and snow is so pretty. Those are impressive cattle - I always wonder if they have wider gates for their pastures! I know you're loving being back with the family.

  3. Glad you're doing well and enjoying the scenery. I sure missed time in Colorado this year.

  4. The aspens with their feet in snow -- love it! So glad you're feeling fine, and I'm sure you're wearing your silver barrette with style. Enjoy your time with Jesse and Erin. :-)