Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Today was our last day at Chatfield State Park.   Tomorrow we break camp and move just 80 miles south to Colorado Springs.   As usual, we spent the day doing domestic chores in preparation.    We clipped Lewis, did laundry and washed all Beluga's windows.

ah...the smell of sheets dried in the fresh air and sunlight

the campground is virtually empty at this time of year.

Saturday and Sunday Dave worked with Jesse to try and finish up the roof changes before the official contractors arrive to re-roof and reside the house.

father and son

I drove him up to the house each morning then left them to their work.   It's only about a half hour away (traffic dependent) so I had time to stop at some nearby stores to do a bit of shopping before returning to Chatfield and Lewis.

At the end of the day I would drive back up and the four of us would share dinner.    I enjoy having a little "Golden" time with their Kikan in the evening so we don't bring Lewis along.

a warm and fuzzy foot warmer.
I'm not sure who likes this more.....

Saturday was her 12th birthday and we celebrated with cupcakes!

yes, Erin removed the candle before serving......

She graciously shared her treat with us but, her birthday manners being what they are, she inhaled her cupcake before the singing even stopped!

Sunday afternoon we were treated to some very interesting clouds over the house.

As the minutes passed, they began to change shape and color in a most fantastic way.

At one point it looked like a giant fireball hurtling toward the earth, right on 29th street! 

 A beautiful display for our last evening with Jesse and Erin on this trip. 

Yesterday I had my staples removed and we both got flu shots (the high dose one for...ahem...seniors).     To treat ourselves we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the cozy Cafe Terracotta in downtown Littleton.    It has become one of our favorite restaurants and to make it even nicer, we discovered that every Monday their entire wine list is half price!

a delightful Willamette Valley Pinot Noir at half price puts a smile on Dave's face

Dave couldn't keep his fork away, even for a quick photo!


  1. I'm sure leaving will be hard, but it sounds like you had an amazing time with Jesse and Erin. Glad Dave was able to help Jesse finish up the prep work on the roof line. Looks like Kikan was enjoying his massage:) What a cutie:) Safe travels to Colorado Springs!

  2. Oh yum! Dinner looks fabulous! So glad you had such a great time with Jesse and Erin. That sunset over their home was spectacular. And such a cute photo of Kikan happily anticipating her cupcake!

  3. Always nice to leave a place better than when we arrived, and when it's our kiddo's home it's the best :-) Perfect shot of Kikan's anticipation, what a sweetie. That fire ball is crazy! I imagine anyone fortunate enough to see it wondered if the end was nigh!! The last one looks a bit like hell in the heavens - so intense. 1/2 price wine is a nice treat for your last evening :-) Looking forward to seeing where you stay in CS.

  4. Jesse and Erin's house looks terrific, even in modification mode!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful stay in Denver. I'm wondering if you got a spot at the awesome Cheyenne Mountain State Park...