Thursday, February 8, 2018

being watched

After spending a few days taking care of retail business and dealing with traffic we decided to take our lunch and our sweet Lewis and head off onto the back roads south of Tucson.

We traveled south on route 83 then turned off onto FR 92 aiming for the Gardner Canyon loop.    We drove through gentle hills of golden grasses, mesquite and scrub oak.    Because we move along slowly I noticed that there are many different kinds of grass that make up these yellow vistas.

We stopped for lunch under some tall trees.   Lewis enjoyed his bite of turkey and the chance to run around and stretch those long legs.

All along the way, we felt eyes on us. 

Lewis had a good time getting out, checking out all the new smells and leaving p mails for future visitors to read.

leaving a p mail for future passers by to read

sniffing cow smells on a water tank
(the stone ramp is for critters to get out if they fall in)

guys, guys, here I am, right over here, behind the tank, guys, guys!

We got to a  steep, narrow and washed out section of the road and decided to call it a day and return the way we came. 

Dave walked down to see what the road looked like up ahead -
can you see him coming back up?

For us, it's the journey not the destination so we enjoyed the rest of the ride back to the highway.

Once back on Rt. 83 we made one more stop before actually heading home.  We took a little time to check out the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area and decided that it would be a great place to return and explore, another day (and not at 4 p.m. in the afternoon).    Next week perhaps, it's Empire Gulch area looks to be a good place to do some birding without noisy Lewis.

So after a lovely day without seeing another vehicle it was back to the Tucson traffic.    We hit the mother of all traffic jams on I-19 and we didn't arrive home until 7 p.m.     Sigh.

my kind of road


  1. Yikes! I’m of looking forward to the traffic...BUT, I am looking forward to the beautiful desert. Lewis looks right at home tromping thru the desert. You and Dave find the neatest places to explore!

    1. Ummm...should read not looking forward. Sorry!

  2. We have been to Tucson so many times but have never been to Gardner Canyon or Las Cienegas. Wrote it on our list to visit. I love your photos of the wildlife. Pretty drive for sure.

  3. Love your close ups of the golden grasses. And yes when in the wild you will never know who is watching you. I too have not heard about Gardner Canyon or Las Cienegas. Be sure to include on your list Buenos Aieres NWR and at Arivaca Cienega and Creek .

  4. Traveling slowly enough to enjoy all the different varieties of golden grasses sounds like just the right speed. I always think about all of critters watching us when we're out in nature, too. :-)

  5. The various grasses always interest me when we hike. They could use a little rain. Lew looks so excited to be out exploring. How sweet that he got to go along:) Wish we had been there to watch his antics. Great that you saw some wildlife! Sorry about the traffic and your LONG journey home.

  6. It's lovely that there are so many beautiful, peaceful areas surrounding Tucson because the city can drive you crazy!