Sunday, February 25, 2018

what we've been up to

It's been more than a week since my last post.   I don't know where the time goes but I know it goes by much too quickly. 

We've been busy living life and visiting with friends.    I've totally forgotten which days we did what now, the problem I have when I don't do more regular blogs.

We had a nice happy hour here at our site to welcome Gay and Joe and say good bye to Steve and MonaLiza.    Lewis shared his attention with everyone equally and proved to be a bit of a pest to everyone in turn.    We sat under the blossoming orange tree in our "yard" and as dusk fell we were treated to the sight of a Hummingbird Moth buzzing the blossoms.   I'd never even heard of one before, but Gay explained that they fool many inexperienced people because of their size and hummingbird type habits.    No pictures though, sorry.

lots of good food and conversation

After the evening chill chased everyone else away, Steve and MonaLiza came inside to finish their wine and Lewis continued his antics..    What a ham he is.

On one of our rainy days Dave and I drove down to Tubac for a good lunch at Elvira's. 

my favorite dining companion

As I think I've said before, Elvira's feels like a blend of New York City swank and Mexico folk art but it's menu is all Mexican.   I had a wonderful Mole and Dave enjoyed an interesting shrimp preparation.

One late afternoon we (the Banks and the Wrights) met Jodee and Bill at a local joint named Tiny's.   It is a legend in this area, with probably the best burger I've ever had.    Polar opposite of our Elvira's experience, but every bit as delicious.
Think dirt parking lot, cracked linoleum floors, mismatched chairs, sticky oilcloth covered tables, old rawhide pull on the "cowgirls" restroom and a roll of paper towels serving as napkins.   Pleasant, competent and no nonsense waitress who got our orders correct and in a timely fashion.   A line out the door by the time we were leaving.    No pictures, I'm really really bad with people pictures!

Jodee and Bill were only here for 3 days.    Jodee made delicious tacos al Pastor (guajillo rubbed pork and pineapple) with all the fixings for dinner one night and we (the Banks, the Wrights, the Taylors and the Gravels) ate and visited until the cold wind drove us home.   This is supposed to be the desert isn't it!

hi Tessa.....

Thursday, the 22nd, was Steve Lowe's birthday and he chose to spend it with Dave and I visiting some of Arizona's wineries, south of Tucson,  between Sonoita and Elgin.

Steve and MonaLiza follow us to Sonoita Vineyards

Arizona wine?   I had pretty low expectations but looked forward to spending the day with friends doing something different.     We had never been to this area of the state so didn't know what to expect.

Such a different landscape!   Rolling fields of waving yellow grass ringed with craggy mountains.    Homes here and there, antelope grazing, hawks flying.

"What you looking at.....never seen a pronghorn before?"

It was just beautiful and so peaceful.

 We visited four wineries, bought bottles at three, and enjoyed an alfresco lunch behind one of them, beside their vineyard in it's late winter phase.

purchase at Kief Joshua Winery

we only had two "tasting" glasses, so we all shared....
one of our tasting glasses

winter maintanence

At each place we were greeted warmly and were treated to knowledgeable conversation and obvious pride in their product.    At one (Kief Joshua) we were greeted a little more warmly than the others......and our departure was lamented.

she leaned soooo hard

and then there were three


 Friday, while Dave and John worked around, Pam and I went on a museum adventure of our own.   I'll tell you about it next.


  1. We have not yet made a wine tour of SoAz,but I do have a map :) Did you have a favorite? Gotta go with the Elgin wine glass!

    We're getting ready for some Cactus League games, as we follow in your tire tracks.

    1. I think we liked the wines from Callaghan winery best and then Kief Joshua next. We were there on a Thursday so many of the others weren't open til the weekend.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I'm sorry we had to delete the Tucson portion of our AZ travels and missed seeing all of you! AZ does have some decent wines!

  3. You've had a busy week! So many fun times with good friends. Although we've been to the Sonoita/Patagonia area a couple of times, we haven't yet made it to the wineries. I've been intrigued by them, so good to know they're worth visiting. Love the Elgin tasting glass. ;-)

  4. You've got me intrigued by the Arizona wines. I would not typically have high expectations, but we've also been told great things about Texas and New Mexico wineries... so perhaps we need to stop pre-judging and get out there and do some drinkin!! Twist my arm....

  5. Always so great to see you guys! Tiny's is definitely a fun surprise :-)

    I had no idea about the wineries in that area - one we especially love and could see ourselves settling down some day. I love the wine tasting glasses!! Great pics of a fun day with good friends.

  6. Somebody pretended to be the birthday person with her stash of really good AZ wines ! Wine taste best when shared with great friends. We both enjoyed our day and Steve said he felt special with your company.

  7. It’s so nice being right down the street from you for a few weeks! Thanks for giving us something new to try in Tucson...two Tiny things...hamburgers and a museum! Love the picture of MonaLiza and her stash!

  8. Love those rolling fields in elgin. Wineries sounded like fun and with all the wine purchased it explained why you took two cars!