Thursday, February 15, 2018

the week in review

We're experiencing a rare day in the desert.   Rain!     It's not unusual to have rain here in the monsoon season (summer time) but there isn't much precipitation in the winter.   It has been very dry with some fires beginning to show up in the hills south of us so this rain is very welcome.     It began to spit yesterday while we were at lunch (sonoran hot dogs) and running errands but started in earnest late in the day.   Rain all night and all day today.    Lewis is bored (and a bit damp).

He did have a fun day on Tuesday though.    We took him with us on a re-exploration of the area along Reddington Pass Road.    Last year we followed Jodee and Bill along this beautiful dirt road, but didn't take Lewis.   Then we only went as far as Race Track Tank before heading home, so Tuesday I had grand plans to drive it's unpaved length all the way to San Miguel.   Looked doable on the map so off we went.

sweet little nest

  We found the road conditions to have deteriorated since our last trip and it was slow going for the Jeep.   It took us about 3 hours to travel about 15 miles so we realized that we were not going to be able to finish the entire bad.

So instead we concentrated on enjoying what we were seeing, getting out for a few nice long walks with Lewis and some surprising wildlife sightings.

we ignored these warnings - don't judge.....

no signs warning us of huge bulls in the area however.....

my Merlin bird app tells me this is, once again, a Red Tail 

lots of birds taking advantage of this drying tank

a troop of 15 Coatimundi!!!!!!

feet off the ground speed!

So, in the spirit of giving you a picture of what we've been doing this week, in reverse, here is a picture of a lovely Happy Hour we enjoyed at MonaLiza and Steve's site last weekend....

Steve, MonaLiza, Mr. David, moi, Pam,
Laura, John and Kevin

Here's one more, we had such a pleasant time talking with old and new friends that Steve had to pull out the "fire pit" to chase away the night time chill.

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day!



  1. HAHAHAHA...I love the photo of Lewis. What a hoot.
    That bull looks like he means business. I have never heard of a Coatimundi. I had to look that up. My goodness, what a treat to see those.
    Good friends; fun times.

  2. What a treat seeing the troop of coatimundi! Nice gathering of 'the usual suspects' for Happy Hour.

  3. Aww....I love the Valentine cactus heart! I'm sure that gathering of friends for happy hour and beyond was a blast—so fun to see everyone together. And you saw your coatimundi! So cute, the photo of the gang scampering across the road.

  4. Oh for crying out loud...coatimundi! That's as cool as it gets!

  5. I have never heard of coatimundi, that was so cool to see pictures of them!

  6. We're with Lewis on this one... rain makes things boring. Though, truthfully, it is actually quite relaxing to listen to on the roof of the RV and we can tell this area is in desperate need of some water, so we're trying to not be too bummed and just enjoy a couple "home days." It was so great meeting you guys at MonaLiza and Steve's and that night really did just fly right by. We're bummed that we didn't get to hang with Lewis though... He seems like one fun doggo. Next time hopefully!

  7. Love that you got see the Coatimundi!

  8. We are loving the desert rain. Can’t wait for the wildflowers! Beautiful picture of the Red Tail Hawk...and co cool to see coatimundi (a first for me!)...and Lewis knows exactly how to enjoy a rainy day! Great fun with friends!

  9. Bummer that road has gotten worse - but coatimundi, wow!!! That's quite the warning sign. I think it's only missing giant robots and dragons :-))) And bulls of course. Lewis has the right idea for a rainy day.

  10. Those little coatings are fast and cute! what little bird nests in the saguaros? So nice to have some rain. Loved seeing all the friends in the photo!