Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday the 13th in Moab

We've got it in low gear.    Perhaps it's because we have 3 weeks here and don't feel any sense of urgency, perhaps it's because we've been here a few times before and sort of know the lay of the land.   Perhaps we're just enjoying being lazy.  (more time to learn stuff, right Jodee?)  Whatever the reason, we've just been living life in Moab.   

Wise friends of ours once told me that attitude is dangerous because the three weeks will fly by and we'll be sorry we didn't get to see and do the things we wanted to see and do!    Hope not.....

It wasn't until after lunch today that we finally got in the Jeep and went exploring.      It was very windy and quite chilly, that is one reason we didn't feel inclined to do much outdoors.   We did manage to find a sunny spot, out of the wind, for second cup this morning.   Lewis does love his morning "rug games" so we try and accommodate him when we can.

Here are a few pictures I took on our outing.

Ken's Lake in the background

heading up the trail to check out a splash of red I thought I saw

sunset clouds reflected in the little pond in front of Beluga


  1. Love those red rocks! So glad the flowers are blooming for you.

  2. Ha! That's my story and I'm sticking to it :-)))

    Wildflowers really "pop" against the red dirt. We have to get there in the Spring next time. Those fancy orange blooms are wonderful! Love that last reflection pic.

  3. Sigh. We're always trying to find the balance between doing and being. And trying our best to "be" while we're "doing." Love springtime in the desert. Love springtime everywhere!

  4. I was happy too to see some flowers on our trail although not as much as the last time we were here.