Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sand Flats Road

I received an odd text message this morning, during second cup.   "Do you have binoculars handy?"    Yes......    "We are looking down at you, can you see us?"
Hmmmmm, let me see.

Yes, Steve, I CAN see you!    It was Steve and MonaLiza calling us from the top of the mesa pictured above.     I zoomed my camera as far out as it would go and this is what I saw! 

Steve and MonaLiza turn their backs on us to continue their hike
We stood in the middle of our rv park's road and waved, they saw us too!

After another relaxed morning and lunch we decided we'd better stop lazing around and get going or our time here would be up!  Against our normal habit of laying low on the weekends, we headed out for a ride on Sand Flats Road.

We usually enjoy exploring during the week when most other people are unavailable but it was a beautiful day so we went against tradition.     As a result, we did see quite a few people camping and riding their ATVs, UTV's, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, etc.     In addition we had picked one of the most popular areas to explore so couldn't complain.   Sand Flats Recreation Area is a high plain landscape of slick rock domes, bowls and fins, a nationally recognized mountain bike and jeep playground. 

out the rear window

The further along the road we went, the fewer people we encountered and by the time we exited the Sand Flats Recreation Area and entered the colorful mesas and nearly 13,000 feet peaks of the Manti-LaSal National Forest we were virtually alone.

four nipples?

see the tree in the "pot" above?

hello ladies

distance pictures never look as good as they do in person

now that's a house with a view!

At one point we came upon a neat little arch....well, actually three arches of different sizes in the same rock.

Yep, he's looking at an airplane while I'm trying to take his picture!

Oh Dave......


  1. Sweet ride! Love the four nipples:) That really does look like a pot with a tree! Good eyes! The La Sal's are so pretty with the snow.

  2. Wow, the snow capped mountains in the background are just awesome! As is your ability to find Mona Liza and Steve on a mountain miles away. Impressive stuff!! We try to avoid the weekend sightseeing too, but sometimes, we have no choice. Glad to hear you were still able to get away from the masses. It really does make a huge difference in our overall feelings about any given place. Awesome photos of a very cool landscape!

  3. Amazing country - love the back road excursions!

  4. Love your morning call from the mountain :-)) That naturally "potted" tree is wonderful. I could live with that view! I'd have guessed Dave was watching planes (they seem to follow you guys). I love it when everyone else wants to be on top of each other and we can get past them!!

  5. We got a kick out of that morning shout out :) So far we have not encountered any wildlife, just some crazy jeepers on slick rock and perhaps also drive on top of those nipples.