Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Last day at the horse park for this trip

We spent our last day here exploring the surrounding area and meeting Cindy and Walter for an impromptu lunch in nearby Versailles (if you're in Kentucky you pronounce it ver sails).    After lunch we may have gone to the famous Old Kentucky Chocolates facility and might have spent some money on products that we do not need. 

Cindy and Walter after lunch at Ricardo's

As you'd expect we saw lots of horses and things related to them.

afternoon snooze for three

a nice, ground covering trot in the field

this was 1 of 4 identical stone barns on a huge horse farm

We also saw some things that we'd never seen before.....


leaves stacked in the field

I hope this was empty......

And what did Lewis do while we were out eating and exploring?

he kept a close eye on the local squirrel population

Tomorrow we move on.


  1. SQUIRREL! The horses are so graceful to watch in the field. A co-worker I once had worked with them it was amazing the agility displayed.

  2. Sounds like a great stop that Florence forced upon you:) Glad you got to spend some time with Cindy and Walter and all the horses. Love Lewis watching the squirrels:) Safe travels as you move on.

  3. Such a pretty landscape with the horse barn and the curving fence. And the three horses are so cute. And Lewis, of course, is always cute, even when we just see his backside. :-))

  4. We've seen some weird things poorly secured in the back of pickup trucks as we've traveled around, but that's a new one. And yes, let's hope it was empty.

  5. Nothing says horse country to me like beautiful curving white fences. Darling pic of Walter and Cindy P. So fun to spend time with the horses (we have cows at this stop). Glad to see you're protected from surprise squirrel attacks!!

  6. Oh that boy is funny! That is a great picture of Walter and Cindy!
    Horses, tobacco and a coffin makes for an interesting day around town.

  7. I thought that was a stellar pix of us too! Thanks. Here in KY - well, that coffin may not have been empty. You never know...
    Lewis is such a valuable part of your blog. Love him.